Kenya Moore Talks NeNe Leakes’ #RHOA Return, Cynthia Bailey Shading Their Friendship & Kim Fields Drama! #WWHL

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Tonight, on Watch What Happens Live, two Housewife worlds collided when Karen Huger, of The Real Housewives of Potomac, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse. Matt Jordan, Kenya’s boyfriend, tended bar.

Tonight on RHOA, everybody went crazy under the Jamaican sun. NeNe Leakes popped in for a little vacay. Kim Fields brought her kids and babysitter on a couples’ trip. And Bob Whitfield joined his ex, Sheree.

Andy ping ponged back and forth between the two ladies. First, he showed a clip of Karen’s shadiest moments thus far, including her “walking around with the help” comment, her freak out over seating arrangements, and all that etiquette talk. 

Next, Andy addressed Kenya’s aggressive behavior toward Kim. Kenya was upset that Cynthia Bailey picked Kim to direct her commercial rather than Kenya. The Twitterverse took Kim’s side, and even Kenya acknowledged she was wrong.

“I was mortified. I think it was a big mistake for me to pull her chair. It was uncalled for. It was absolutely unacceptable, and I apologize for that behavior. I was in the moment…but I’m actually very ashamed of that.”

Katie Rost—you know, of the Rost Foundation? What?! You’ve never heard of the Rost Foundation? Well, just watch the Potomac franchise for five minutes and you’ll get the scoop, because Katie never freaking shuts up about it. Another thing she can’t stop talking about—marriage. According to Katie Rost, of the Rost Foundation, her boyfriend, Andrew, is one of the most eligible bachelors in town. He’s also a jerkface who called Karen a “train wreck,” “old,” “haggared,” and “stuck up.” Karen checked him immediately.   

Andrew, really? I mean I never had a conversation with this man, and I think he should stay in his lane. We’re women, what are you doing? Unless you put on a dress, don’t come for me. Stay in your lane, Andrew.”

A viewer commented that the ladies on RHOP don’t faithfully represent Potomac. Karen agrees.

“We don’t profess or claim to represent the entire community of Potomac. We’re six dynamic women with six dynamic personalities….and that is who we’re representing.”

Another viewer wanted Kenya to confirm that Cynthia didn’t bother to mention her decision to use Kim’s vision for her sunglasses commercial, and Kenya didn’t find out until after they’d landed in Jamaica. 

“Absolutely not. It was a complete surprise, and I really felt betrayed because I really did work hard on her commercial, her ideas. I actually had two for her and I thought they were absolutely amazing and she never heard me out.”

A tweeter wondered why Kenya always seems to be at the center of controversy and then plays the victim.

“I don’t play a victim. I own everything that I do, and I think if you watch the show you know that. Everyone has conflict with everyone on the show, so say that is someone who obviously isn’t knowledgeable about the dynamic on our show.”

Now over to Karen—why did she feel the need to school Gizelle on etiquette?

“Gizelle and I are friends, have been for a long time, but she needed to be put in a time-out. You don’t sit in my seat…not at my birthday party. Right is right and wrong is wrong and somewhere in the middle is the right answer…”

Next, Andy turned to Kenya and Matt, asking about their relationship. As for the age difference between them, Kenya says: “I don’t have enough fingers to count.”

Andy surmised that it was about fifteen years—maybe more.

What did Matt think of Kenya’s behavior toward Kim“Fiesty…she’s pulled a few chairs out from under me…I’m into that.”

A caller engaged in little kitchen shaming toward Karen’s outdated laminate cabinets. “I not only love my white kitchen, I love both of them. I have two. I own my kitchen…get over it. The white kitchens are back in.”

The next caller wanted to know Kenya’s reaction when NeNe made her grand entrance at dinner. “I was surprised because she seemed as though she hated it so much last season. I think from that episode till now, I’ve gotten to see that she really is quite changed. She’s a softer person.”

One caller wanted to know why Karen didn’t just ask Gizelle to move during the birthday party, thus avoiding all the drama later?

“I didn’t think it was the right time and place to do it… It was important to me that I pull her aside at a different time and handle this with her in a lighthearted manner…which went totally to the right…”

Someone wanted Karen’s take on the Atlanta women and their etiquette.

“I think these women are absolutely phenomenal. I love the way they have that dialog…they’re grown women. They talk it out. They don’t push it aside.”

Has Karen actually watched RHOA? With an answer like that, I’m guessing not.

So are you digging the Potomac Housewives? And whose side are you on in the Kenya/Kim debate?


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