Sheree Whitfield Feels The Ladies Showed “Bad Etiquette” At The Beatless Brunch

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Beatless Brunch Time everyone! Last Sunday on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Fields told the ladies she’d feed them if they ditched their lashes and forked over their foundation. Some heeded her request. Others ignored Kim’s missives and even took offense at the suggestion.

Sheree Whitfield dared to go bare and looked freaking fabulous.

“I didn’t take issue with the brunch, because I normally do not wear makeup during my day-to-day activities. As a matter of fact, I’ve never really worn makeup prior to being on TV… I was actually ecstatic that I was able to save the money and not have to pay for my makeup artist that day, LOL! Thanks, doll!”

Sheree doesn’t think Kim’s theme was realistic with this crew.

“Unfortunately, Kim is at a disadvantage because she is new to this circle. As she continues to navigate within our social circle, I hope she takes notes and learns to set realistic expectations when dealing with these ladies!”

What about the other ladies refusal to heed Kim’s makeup-free day?

“Seeing that we were visiting her home and it was her event, I was a bit surprised that most of the ladies didn’t honor her request. Bottom line, it was bad etiquette on the ladies’ part.”

Sheree was proud of her bare skin look.

“I take pride in my natural beauty and think every woman should celebrate it! I work hard in the gym, drink a ton of water, and try to eat clean, so I’m proud of my healthy skin and don’t mind showing it to the world. However, a lot of these ladies do not operate in the same space.”

But Sheree sees both sides of the situation.

“…not everyone feels comfortable in their bare skin in public. Which depending on whom you ask, speaks volumes! I agree with Kim that we should embrace our true beauty and makeup should be used to enhance one’s gorgeousness.”

Kenya Moore was very open about her displeasure at being told that she wears too much makeup. She confronted Kim during the brunch. Sheree wasn’t bothered by the disagreement. She didn’t bat a lash (a real one!).

“I didn’t find it awkward. I actually think Kenya expressing her opinion gave room for us to have a real conversation about beauty…. If anything, it added to the dialogue and provided understanding amongst each of us individually.”

So do you think Sheree looked just as fab without her makeup? Should the other ladies have heeded Kim’s request?


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