Kim Fields Defends Her Make Up Free Brunch! “People Will Take Things How They Want To”

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Kim Fields, the newest member The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is having trouble fitting in.

Her “beatless” brunch, where she asked the ladies to attend without wearing a scrap of makeup, didn’t go over well with some. But Kim is ready to set the record straight.

“First of all, I was happy they all showed up. When you do something different, you really don’t know what to expect. Second, “beatless” was a theme, not a mandatory requirement. It’s not like I said, “No make up, no waffles.”

Ultimately, Kim just wanted to be a good hostess.

“When you’re hosting a get-together, the only things that runs through your mind is ensuring your guests have a good time.”

Kim’s voicemail message came off as a little preachy, suggesting the ladies were overdoing it with the makeup, that it should only be used to enhance their natural beauty. Kenya Moore took offense and didn’t hesitate to call Kim out at the brunch. Kim defends herself.

“People will take things how they want to; you can only make your intentions and motivation clear.”

Cynthia Bailey is wanting to showcase her new eyewear line by having Kim and Kenya co-produce a commercial. Though Kim basically said she didn’t want to work with Kenya, now she says she may be willing to collaborate.

Cynthia is creative and (as she mentioned) appreciates the work and Kenya and I have done individually. A potential client made a request in a pitch meeting. That’s a part of the process.”

Do you think Kim is coming off as self-righteous or just unique? 


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