Lisa Vanderpump Regrets Acknowledging The Subject of Yolanda Foster’s Children

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This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump finds herself in hot water with her friend Mohamed Hadid, Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband, and LVP’s good friend. But before we go there, let’s talk about that sex shop Ken bought.

“I ventured into the sex shop. That was an experience that should come with a warning–some of the the [sic] articles and pictures brought tears to my eyes. I have frustrations…with my husband as he proceeded to take this property for a new venture without consulting me.”

Next, Lisa touches on the return of Faye Resnick. Is there a more unlikeable “friend” of the Housewives? If so, I can’t think of one. Faye hangs around the group like a leech, sucking the blood out of everyone else’s storyline.

“So off we trot to Kyle‘s. I was surprised, to say the least, that Faye was there. I know they are close friends, but I am not so enamored by her. My last encounter with Faye Resnick had not been a productive one. She was present at our vowel [sic] renewal, and from my recollection she was assertive but in a derogatory fashion, and I accused her of speaking on Kyle‘s behalf.”

Faye just keeps turning up at events. Whether the audience likes it or not. Lisa thinks Faye should have a little more dignity. I agree. But this is the woman who made a name for herself on the back of her murdered friend, so dignity doesn’t really apply to Faye Resnick.

“I am puzzled, mystified as to why Miss Resnick would be compliant in appearing on a reality show, when she had been the recipient of such a backlash in regard to her last appearance. Her history and reputation have been contentious–of that I am aware. She had sullied the reputation of her friend in a polarizing book…”

Lisa naturally has some sympathy for Kathryn Edwards and understands her reaction to Faye. After all, Faye dragged Kathryn’s name in the mud by writing about her. 

“In regard to siding with Kathryn, the new girl as Kyle referred to her, was ridiculous. I barely became involved in the discussion, because I had zero knowledge of what had transpired between them. I understood Kathryn’s sentiment when she stated that she hadn’t read the book. Sometimes it is easier to ignore negativity as if it doesn’t exist.”

And now we come to Lisa putting her foot in her mouth over Mohamed’s kids, Anwar and Bella. Lisa stated that Mohamed doesn’t believe they have Lyme disease.

Mohamed had always said they were fine…I obviously interpreted that as they were not infected by this insidious disease, and as it is not contagious, I understood them to be healthy. I love and adore all three of them, for sure. I regret even acknowledging the subject, but we live and we learn.”

However, Lisa maintains that she saw no symptoms in either child.

“I was asked questions by Kyle, I have no alternative but to speak my truth. My truth being over the years of interacting with all of the children there had never been any mention of illness. I knew them to to thrive, flourish, but I state I had no reason to question their well being.”

Lisa also defends herself. She’s not the one who brought the children’s health to the show. That’s on Yolanda.

“I believe when we initiate conversation on a reality show, whether inadvertently or not, we open the doors for discussion. I have initiated sensitive subjects myself, with regard to my children…I would never delve into the health history of somebody’s children, but now as the subject was brought to the forefront by Yolanda, a week previously, without provocation…”

So what’s your take? Did Lisa overstep her bounds by repeating Mohamed’s doubts? Or are the kids and their health fair game since Yolanda brought it up?


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