Book Review: “Almost Meri’ed” By ‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown’s Catfish Scammer [Part 2]

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We’re jumping back into Almost Meri’ed, the story of Sister Wives star, Meri Brown’s scandalous love affair with “Sam Cooper,” also known as con-artist, Jackie Overton.  Meri was tricked into stepping away from her polygamous reality, and into the seedy underworld of a sweet talkin’ catfish.   It was there that she was lured into dishing family secrets, while giving away her heart. 

One of the more shocking stories detailed in the book, allegedly stemmed from Meri’s stormy relationship with her sister wife, Janelle.  Viewers have witnessed their strained relationship, and the family speaks of the tension in their own book, Becoming Sister Wives.  This story takes it to another level, and whether true or not, it is the one cited episode of violence between the women.   The allegation makes a reader wonder if such craziness is the norm, behind the closed doors of many polygamist homes.   

“She told me in one really bad arguement she was pregnant with her daughter and her sister wife grabbed her by the shoulders and kneed her right where the baby was. She  said it angered her so much and worried her that she did not want to see or talk to that sister wife for months. And she didn’t. She said she kept her distance and learned to  become civil. She said she immediately told her husband what had happened but he didn’t do anything.”

Jumping back to 2015, “Sam” claims that some of the children had knowledge of relationship rumblings between him and Meri.

“This is the first time her daughter became aware that her mom was talking to me. She called me Sam from Oklahoma. Her daughter kept coming into her bedroom asking  who she was on the phone with.”

Robyn’s son Solomon got a shout-out, as “Sam” writes about speaking to  the young boy on the phone. 

“A lot of times the youngest boy would be out there and he’d start talking to her. Or she would ask him do you want to talk to Batman and put him on the phone. He was just  learning how to say his full name so he would tell me his name and start talking about his day. He is a very cute kid.”

According to the book, Mare’s exit strategy took shape deliberately, and carefully. 

“She wanted to be with me and we could figure out what her next step was. Her producer began talking to her about what she was going to do if she left the show after this  season. She said she was openly talking to him about her options. He said they could work it out but she needed to finish the current season. He said they would figure out  how to explain it and she said that way the show looks good and they have control.”

“She said with the show currently filming, it would be impossible and damaging to leave until her last signed contract was fulfilled.”

What would happen to Meri’s claimed bond with her sister wives?  Janelle and Christine were dismissed, and Robyn was revered. 

“She said the 2 older sister wives wouldn’t miss her.”

“She said they were very close and she [Robyn] not only was a sister wife, but a dear friend. She said she loved her and she knew that she would get support from her about  leaving.”

The book alleges that the women were worried about Meri’s behavior, and during a group therapy session, initiated an intervention, in June.  The book explains that it was then that Meri broke the news, that she wanted to leave.  Supposedly, she left “Sam” out of her explanation. 

“She said she did not want to be there anymore. That she loved the kids but the marriage was done and she was not wanting to fix it. She told them she wanted to leave. She  said the second sister wife was shocked and just asked that she stay in her kids’ lives because they would be devasted without her. She said the third sister wife said what  can we all do?”

Allegedly, Kody was clued in next.

“She told him she wanted to leave. She said she was going away for a week and they could sit down and talk when she came back. She said this time he really listened to  her.”

“He asked her what about the show. And she said she would figure something out.”

The book claims that the Alaska trip evolved when the Duggars were yanked off the air, and TLC needed extended footage of Sister Wives.  This is when it was purportedly decided to drop the bomb on the viewers, that Mare was flying the plural coop.

“She had already talked to the family. She had a sit down with him about it and she had talked to the producer. Everyone knew.”

“She said she was expected to have a dinner with all of the adults and needed to talk to them all. She wanted to do it on camera and wanted to try to explain what was going on with her.”

“She said she told them that she wanted to leave and that they didn’t really say much of anything at all about it. She said that he just sat there.”

The book states that the hot romance shut down in mid-August, and all communication seized, by the end of August.  Mare had abruptly changed, and “Sam” was devastated. 

“Sam Cooper” says that he has no idea what caused such a change of heart in Meri Brown.  But I’ll bet that Jackie Overton knows.

The end. 


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