RECAP: #MobWives Big Ang Organizes A Sit Down [Season 6, Episode 4]

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So quick recap, everyone except Ang and Brittany have issues with Drita. Ang and Drita meet for dinner/drinks. Drita says Ang is the only person in their circle who’s had her back 100%. She invited Ang to “get her away from those toxic bitches.” Drita’s going to put Ang in her book. She says you can’t write a book about Staten Island, and not have Big Ang in it. She’s a legend. After Drita’s done kissing ass, she asks how Ang is doing. Ang fills in Drita on her legal mess. She’ll never be able to own a bar. She doesn’t know how she’s going to make ends meet. Apparently the hubby isn’t financially helping. She says Neil’s going to have to start contributing. Ang has gone through a lot. She decided she’s throwing herself a birthday party! Drita and Ang discuss the other girls. Ang says Carla’s pissed because Drita blabbed her business. Drita and Ang agree that Drita only told Ang because she was concerned. Drita’s at her wits end with everyone. Ang wants them to work it out without getting violent.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Renee’s trying to keep herself in a “zen state.” She’s taken up gardening. Karen arrives, and she’s not in a “zen state.” She’s having problems with her boyfriend Storm. He was blowing up her phone while she was out with the girls, but Karen didn’t hear it. When she did answer, Storm went bats**t crazy. When Karen got home, Storm was in her house. He was drinking and he broke her phone. Karen says he was disrespectful. She’s not going to let him keep that up. Things are out of control. They both have tempers, and it’s not healthy. Karen’s ready to end the relationship.

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Speaking of relationship problems, Ang is ready to lay down the law. Neil needs to help with the bills. He got a second job with her brother, but she hasn’t seen any money. He complains, but Ang has zero pity for her loser hubby. Ang’s medical bills are piling up, and Neil has to step up. Ang and Neil discuss the bills. Ang hasn’t seen even one of Neil’s paychecks. According to Ang, husbands are suppose give their wives their entire paycheck. Neil says that’s the past. It quickly dissolves into an argument. Neil says they don’t have a normal husband/wife relationship. Ang says he needs to step up or don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.

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Brittany arrives at Karen’s house. They talk about Brittany’s dad. Karen and Brittany bond on a common issue, both of their dad’s cooperated with the Feds. Brittany says she hates it when people play victim. Karen’s dad falls under a new law for non-violent offenders. He might come home soon. Apparently, the Gotti family isn’t pleased with the motion filed on Sammy’s behalf for an early release. Karen says she has nothing against the Gotti’s but when people attack her father, she becomes the bull. Brittany says they don’t know what they’re talking about. Karen expresses how tired she is of them making her dad the scapegoat all the time and they have to take responsibility for what their father did. Brittany says she hopes he gets his early release. It’s just another f**k you to all the haters. Brittany says she’d flip out if people were talking about her father.

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Drita meets with a literary agent to talk about her biography. She wants to find out what she has to do to get her book published. It’s a one shot deal. She has to pitch her book, and get the agent interested in her story. She’s a little nervous. Drita talks about her story. She grew up in the projects. She was an athlete, but took the wrong path. She dated “street guys” and took the hard road in life. When you have nothing, and a guy takes you to expensive restaurants, and shopping sprees, it’s easy to go down the criminal road. The literary agent is interested in reading what Drita’s been writing. Drita’s excited. There are people in her life who don’t want her to write the story, but she’s not listening to anyone.

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Carla and Renee invite some childhood friends out to dinner. Renee says it’s been awhile, so she wants to catch up. It’s nice to break bread like the good old days. They take a trip down memory lane. After they toast to the old days, Carla fills the girls in on The Mermaid Parade with Love, and all the Drita drama. Carla is hurt by Drita, and Renee’s offended. Drita says Renee is the cause of all the problems, but Drita’s the one causing the problems with everyone and needs to check herself. Renee wants Carla and Drita to talk things out at Ang’s birthday party. Carla wants to ask what her problem is.

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Ang is in good spirits. She’s celebrating a cancer-free 55th birthday. She’s having money problems, but she’s not letting that bring her down. Party first, worry later. Neil wasn’t invited. Renee says Ang throws great parties. She’s not excited about seeing Drita. She hopes everyone stays cool. Carla’s ready to let her hair down, and some fun. Karen says everyone has issues with each other, but no one has issues with Ang. It’s time to come together and support her. Brittany brings her mom. She’s ready to just celebrate Ang, and spend time with all the girls in one setting. Drita wants to spend time with Ang, but half the mother**kers have an issue with her. Brittany wants Carla and Drita to put on their big girl panties, and talk it out. Carla says if Drita wants to talk, she can approach her. Drita’s says hi to both Karen and Renee. It was so fake.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Marissa arrives to show some support. She doesn’t care about The Hamptons debacle. She is going to approach Drita about snubbing her. She’s not going to beat around the bush about it. Drita brings it up first, and Marissa describes what happened. Brittany hopes Drita punches Marissa in the face. She knows it’s not the answer, but she can hope right? Drita explains she didn’t mean to snub anyone. She’s not like that. She wouldn’t hurt anyone “O.D” (Marissa’s boyfriend) cares about. They hashed it out. Marissa isn’t sure Drita is sincere, she really doesn’t care. It’s going to be about Drita’s actions from this point on. Drita says she was nice.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Marissa goes back to her friends, and talks about what happened. Carla says Drita making up with Marissa in 2.2 seconds proves how much she values friendships. She won’t even walk over so they can work it out. Ang is sick of the girls being divided. Marissa notices how friendly Brittany is with Drita. She had so much to say in The Hamptons about Drita. She’s fishy. Renee is just over it. Carla says if Drita has something to say, instead of staring from across the room she should walk over and talk to her.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Some random guy calls Karen’s dad a rat. She blacks out and gets all up in his face. He says it when her back is turned, but can’t say it to her face? Karen’s sick of people talking shit behind her back. She goes into full psycho mode. He denies saying it about Karen’s father. Brittany starts going into full psycho mode. He was talking about her father. Luckily Renee’s shock treatments calmed her down. She breaks up the fight before the guy loses his limbs. Ang kicks the guy out of the party. It’s not cool to talk about fathers. After the guy gets the boot, everyone calms down and the party rages on.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

All the drama lately has made Karen reach her limit. She’s ready to give Storm back his things, and move on. Karen says she’s not ok with how things went when she tried to talk to him at the club. Storm says she had “negative energy.” Karen says she was trying to express her feelings. She also wasn’t cool with how things went at her house. She’s defensive because she had to defend her father all the time. Storm respects that she has to handle all the real ish. Storm defends Karen. He says her father’s actions don’t have anything to do with Karen and people should take it up with her dad when he comes home. Karen respects his loyalty. They’re supposed to be on the same team. They agree to work on their communication issues. They have a long road ahead.

Ang was so drunk she doesn’t remember anything about her birthday party. She hopes Carla and Marissa can fill her in. Carla asks Ang why she didn’t see Neil. Ang says she hasn’t been getting along with Neil and he needs to shape up or ship out. Ang is happy Marissa and Drita made up. Marissa wonders why Brittany and Drita are so friendly all the sudden. It turns into another Drita bash-fest. Marissa calls Brittany “weak” and a “flip-flopper.” Carla thinks Brittany should get out of her business. She has no idea about Carla and Drita’s issues. Ang is ready to organize a sit down so the bullsh*t stops. She’s sick of the crap.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Ang is sick of the girl’s ripping each other apart. It’s time to get everything out on the table. I guess the ominous warehouse is so no one uses handy weapons? Carla’s ready for everyone to get things out there, and she hopes everyone admits to their bullsh*t. Renee is ready for the bullying to end. Drita compares this sit down to a hornet’s nest. The episode ends with Drita closing the door to the warehouse.

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DUN DUN DUNNNNN….Until next week.


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