RECAP: Love & Hip Hop New York “Ups & Downs” [Season 6, Episode 7]

Alison is a 32 year old native of The Bay Area, California. She loves reality shows. Guess you can say she's sort of an addict, the crazier, the better! She's sarcastic, snarky, brutally honest (tell it like it is kinda girl), but she does have a soft side as well.

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After the whole fashion show drama Rah Ali sits down with her friends Talia and Rose for a “counseling session.” So, Rah goes through the Lexxy/Mariah argument. Her friend Talia says Rah made a mistake not communicating with Lexxy before the fashion show. Rah also says her fight with Remy was serious. They aren’t speaking. Her friends think she should fix that ASAP. Rah says she’s not ready to forgive and forget, but she misses her girl. Rose spills some serious tea, she’s “dating” DJ Self. Rah jokes about Rose slowing things down because she’s been giving it up so fast for all these years.


Remy and Pap go for some cake testing. Rah is supposed to be helping. Since they aren’t speaking the wedding must go on. She does think hubby might have some ulterior motives. Pap says he’s in wedding mode, but when pushed a little bit he says they really need to discuss the guest list. That puts Remy in a bad mood. She wants all of their friends and family at her wedding, but Remy’s currently in a complicated situation. Remy is hurt. She feels like Pap’s family didn’t step up to the plate while she was locked up. She’s very hurt his mom didn’t visit once the entire time she was “away.” She’s also feels let down by her own family. She thinks people are mad at her for being locked up for six and a half years. Pap realizes he needs to fix all the broken relationships before they walk down the aisle. He says she doesn’t realize people react differently to times of adversity.

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Moe’s in the studio with Yandy. Yandy is happy she’s on time and ready to work. She plays Moe the same track she played for Young B. There’s nothing wrong with friendly competition. Moe’s hungry and ready to work. She says working with Yandy is so much different than working with Rah. Yandy is a professional. Yandy has a plan. She wants to create buzz, so Moe becomes the hottest unsigned artist in New York. Dj Self is doing another Gwininfest. It’s a rematch with Young B. Moe rolls her eyes. She says she doesn’t have time for that mess. Yandy says it’s a friendly competition. After Moe kills it, she needs to drop the mic and walks off the stage.


Amina is still getting over her abortion. She says she knows it was the right decision. She made a decision for herself. She feels strong and empowered. She wants to do what’s best for her and her daughter. Whatever life might throw her way, she’s ready. She gets back to making music. Peter has become the most attentive husband since the abortion. They’ve grown closer. Peter was crushed when he found out Amina terminated her pregnancy. He’s not perfect, but he’s trying to be a good husband now. He’s been coming home, and staying out of trouble. He hopes someday Amina can forgive him. Peter apologizes for everything he put his wife through. Amina says Peter finally wants to be with her. Amina says she sees Peter trying, but she’s no fool. She knows what Peter is capable of. She hopes they have open and honest communication. So, for now the Pankey household is a calm one. Until Peter finds out Tara’s pregnant.

Lexxy is still hurt Rah chose Mariah Lynn over her. She’s starting to think maybe Rah isn’t looking out for her best interest. She needs to talk to someone, so she calls Moe. Moe wasn’t excited to see Lexxy’s number on her phone, but Lexxy’s her sister. Moe’s still going to give her an ear full about how things ended. Lexxy says she’s not happy with the way things ended. She wants to make sure they’re ok. Moe thinks Lexxy is allowing outsiders to manipulate her. She thinks Rah has changed Lexxy. Lexxy fills Moe in on the whole fashion show debacle. Moe says I told you so without actually saying I told you so. Moe talks about all the stuff she’s doing with Yandy. Lexxy thinks she’s being punished for doing the right thing and being honest while Moe pops off, and gets all the music opportunities. Moe makes it clear she’s flying solo. She has to bounce because she has to get to the studio.

Cardi, Mariah Lynn, and Young B are taking glass blowing lessons. Cardi blames it on the etiquette class she took. Now she wants to only do “white people activities.” Cardi fills Mariah in on their etiquette classes. Mariah is happy Cardi invited Young B along. She knows Young B has problems with BBOD just like she does. Mariah talks about her problems with BBOD. Mariah offers Young B her “help” dealing with BBOD. Young B says she’s trying to be on her best behavior. Young B invites them to her studio session so they can hear her music. She says it’s on fire! Cardi says maybe they can work together. “She networks.”


Lexxy meets up with Rah to hash things out. Lexxy is starting to see Rah isn’t doing anything to help her career. Loyalty is important. Rah is showing her she has none. Lexxy says she feels like Rah’s stabbing her in the back. Then Mariah rudely butts into their conversation. Rah apologizes for hurting Lexxy’s feelings. Lexxy wants to get things started. Lexxy talks about how much Moe’s getting done now that she’s working with Yandy. Rah pops off some attitude. She says she doesn’t care what they’re doing. She’s about handling her own business. Rah says she fumbled at the fashion show, but she has plans for Lexxy. Rah says she’s getting Lexxy into the studio to record a track ASAP. Rah has plans for Lexxy to get into the studio with a “major artist.” She wants to make a collaboration happen.


Rich Dollaz has been a little down since his daughter was forced to go back to Memphis. He’s hanging out with Pap and Self. He wants to get back to the way things are supposed to be. Rich says Daddy Daycare is over. DJ Self talks about his latest love triangle. Rich Dollaz gives Self love advice? Never thought the day would come. Rich is all grown up. DJ Self is determined to make things work with his girlfriend. Rose forced herself on him, but he’s not looking for a love triangle repeat. He’s going to keep going down the straight and narrow because he loves his girlfriend. Pap talks about his family problems with Remy. Rich dishes more good advice. Have a get together so Remy can hash it out with the family.


Rah delivers. She gets Lexxy into the studio with French Montana. Lexxy is ready. She’s not going to disappoint. Lexxy performs for them. French Montana is impressed. He might be open to working on Lexxy’s single. Lexxy is excited. She says this is amazing! She’s not going to doubt Rah ever again.

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Here we go. Time for Peter to find out he’s going to be a daddy again. He arrives at Tara’s. Peter hasn’t heard from her since she said she was done with him. When she called, he was relieved. He’s still trying to turn over a new leaf. Peter plans on telling Tara about Amina’s abortion. When Tara tells Peter she’s pregnant all Peter’s concerned about is Amina. Tara says she’s been through too much with both of them. She says she’s over it. Peter needs to own his ish. Peter says (with tears in his eyes) he doesn’t know what to do. He’s so f**ked up. He keeps screwing over the people he loves. Peter thinks there’s something wrong with him. He promises he’s going to deal with it.


Pap organizes a family sit down. He wants Remy to work things out with his mom. Remy feels like his mom hates her. Remy talks about his mom’s letter. She said his mom wrote a letter talking about Pap moving on. His mom says she didn’t want her son to give up on everything in life. Remy took it the wrong way. She doesn’t hate Remy. They worked it out. Pap says Remy needs to sit down with her own mom, and work out that relationship.


Moe’s is working in the studio. Yandy arrives as Moe finishes. She’s excited to see Moe working hard. Yandy calls the track her money maker. She wanted to see how Moe sounded on a party track. In walks Young B, and Cardi. Young B is confused when she sees Moe. Cardi just got her nails done. She’s not ready to be in a fight. They need to calm down. Young B demands Yandy give her an explanation. Yandy says it’s business. Young B doesn’t pay her bills. The argument quickly turns into Young B throwing her drink at Moe.


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