Lisa Rinna Doesn’t Want Kyle To Feel Singled Out “Every Family Has Their Issues”

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Lisa Rinna was scraping the bottom of the storyline barrel on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week. First, she took the blame for Kim Richard’s troubled year, describing herself as “Kim’s worst nightmare.” Then upon seeing newbie Housewife, Kathryn Edwards, she unnecessarily brought up the O.J. Simpson ugliness.

“Clearly, I didn’t hide my surprise at seeing Kathryn Edwards at this fundraiser. It had been many, many years since I had last seen her, and she looks as fabulous as ever! We knew each other from over 20 years ago, and we would bump into one another here and there. Interesting that when I saw her, I was immediately taken back to the early ’90s and OJ…”

If by interesting you mean desperate, then okay. Moving on, Eileen Davidson talked about a past abusive relationship. This on the heels of feeling interrogated about her personal life by Lisa Vanderpump’s questions. The story seemed to have come out of nowhere, nevertheless, Rinna is glad Eileen felt safe enough to share.

“…when Eileen voluntarily opened up to share more about her past and discuss the abusive relationship she was a part of, I found this to be incredibly brave of her. Eileen sharing her very deeply rooted experience and feelings from her past with not only us at that table, but ultimately with all of you…”

Note that backhanded slap at LVP by using the word “voluntarily.” Also, there was this:

“…I think it’s very important to note that everyone’s feelings are valid. We may not agree with them, but they are always valid. It’s so easy to discredit a person’s emotions when we don’t know the full story, so we question and then ultimately we judge…”

Uh-oh. Rinna is starting to sound like Yolanda. And that’s not a good thing.

Next, Rinna defends the fact that she constantly brings up Kim Richards at every opportunity.

“The other intense situation in the Hamptons that was talked about often was about Kyle and her family or, more specifically, her sister. I know how much Kyle’s family means to her, and it’s painful to see all of her family drama play out in the public eye… I do sincerely hope Kyle realizes that it’s not only her family and the turmoil that surrounds it that gets talked about.”

Rinna apologizes for speaking so harshly of Kim.

“I need to acknowledge that I chose to use the wrong words when describing Kyle’s sister’s arrests last summer. The situation is shocking, sad, and tragic. I have since apologized to Kyle for being insensitive. I’m the first to admit that I can be honest to a fault, and my lack of a filter can land me in a situation that I don’t feel good about…”

Lack of filter. Lack of storyline. Whatever you want to call it, Rinna has lost her sparkle for me this season. How about you? Are you still feeling the love for Lisa


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