Kathryn Edwards Is Ready To Rumble with Kyle Richards’ BFF, Faye Resnick! [VIDEO]

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Kathyrn and Faye_RHOBH

Are you ready for a new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tonight?

Just to recap, on last week’s episode new cast member, Kathryn Edwards, made her splash into Beverly Hills pool. Kathryn HATES Faye Resnick!

The back story is, Kathryn was dragged into the O.J. Simpson murder case, after Faye Resnick accused her husband, Marcus Allen, of having an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson after she had separated from O.J. Resnick wrote in her book, “Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted,” that the trysts occurred during Kathryn’s engagement to Allen, and even after they were married.

Expect fireworks to spark an explosion tonight when Kyle Richards brings the ladies together for BBQ where the main course is confrontation. 

In an exclusive preview of tonight’s all-new episode, Kathryn finally confronts Faye Resnick over a 20-year-old grudge, and she is ready to throw down with Kyle’s BFF.

“She [Resnick] wrote a book and spoke of me,” Edwards stated in the clip. “Don’t act like you don’t know me when you don’t know me.”

After Resnick’s book, Edwards maintained that her husband never cheated on her despite her divorce from Allen a few years later. This is likely one reason why Resnick does not want to drag up the past with Edwards, who is currently married to Donnie Edwards.

Meanwhile, the feud between Edwards and Resnick is not the only drama in tonight’s episode.

Yolanda Foster’s fight with Lyme disease will be another source of contention between the ladies. Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump question Yolanda‘s claim that her children have Lyme disease, which sends Erika running to Yolanda’s defense.


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