Gizelle Bryant Dishes On Drama With Karen Huger & Charrisse Jordan on #WWHL

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Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted Gizelle Bryant of The Real Housewives of Potomac and Marlon Wayans.

Marlon started the night by wishing Kenya Moore a happy birthday. They both starred in the movie, Senseless, and he talked about their makeout scene.

“She could kiss. She’s corn fed. Those were real… We looked like we jumped off a black wedding cake.”

Gizelle is new to the role of a Real Housewife, and so far she’s loving it, however:

“I never knew I’d have that much drama in my life at one time.”

The word of the night was “eitiquette”, natch. The Potomac ladies do like to bat it around, after all. 

Andy asked what Gizelle had called castmate, Karen Huger, backstage at the clubhouse. Gizelle repeated, “a delusional diva.”

We saw a flashback snippet of Gizelle’s separate arguments with Karen and Charrisse Jackson Jordan. We also saw Gizelle throw shade at newbie Ashley Darby, asking Ashley if her older husband had to take Viagra and then referring to her as a THOT. Does Gizelle regret that comment? Nope. Not even a little bit.   

Marlon referred to Gizelle as “feisty”, telling her:

“You’re pretty and you’re light skinned and you probably got tested a lot and you learned how to fight…you’re strong.”

We got a sneak peek at next week’s RHOP episode where Gizelle and Charrisse are still squabbling over the crab boil nonsense. Gizelle insists she apologized, Charisse remembers it differently.

Moving onto Atlanta, the tension is simmering between Kim Fields and Kenya with shade being thrown, digs getting tossed around, and side eyes abounding. Marlon knows both ladies.

“Kenya’s a Firestarter…it looks like Kim Fields is trying to contain herself, but at some point… is going to snap…”

Looks like that might happen next week if the teaser was anything to go by.

Marlon and Gizelle played Fifty Shades of Hey, and judged the Atlanta ladies’ more risqué ensembles.

We were forced to endure Phaedra Park’s shredded swimsuit cover-up once more. Marlon, of course, liked it. Gizelle thought it was a turnoff. Gizelle was not wrong.

On Porsha William’s booty dance, Marlon approved.

“The dance is bad, but the butt is cool. I like the way the g-string…it’s flossing.”

Kandi’s bedtime hair wrap didn’t faze Marlon in the least.

“Sometimes…that works. With the lights out…”

When flashed a picture of Kim Field’s beatless face, Gizelle was turned off, but Marlon defended Kim, saying she was cute. 

Next, a caller asked if Marlon would go full frontal if the role called for it.

“If they right role called for it, sure… I’m a grower not a shower…if there’s a reason, it turns into the Hulk, otherwise he’s just David Banner.”

What did Gizelle’s ex think of her outing him as a cheater?

“Well, clearly he knows what he did, so he’s fine.”

Another caller asked about the birthday debacle between Karen and Gizelle?

“She never told me she was upset until later…Karen has no problem ever addressing anything to anybody, so just tell me then. But to tell me later with a gift? Kind of childish.”

Why did Gizelle ask her daughters to help her write apology notes? A caller thought there was no need for them to be involved in her drama.

“I felt like it was a great learning lesson for the kids. Even though you’re an adult, you have drama like when you’re in fourth grade. So I was just trying to teach them that the drama never goes away.”

Since the Potomac Housewives are obsessed with etiquette and Marlon’s next movie is Fifty Shades of Black, they played a game called Rules of Bediquette. Andy asked a series of questions and Gizelle and Marlon threw out an answer.

What if someone forgets your name in bed? Gizelle maintained that was a call for immediate dismissal. Marlon would wait until it was over before kicking his partner to the curb for such an offense.

What if your partner wants you to slap them in bed? Gizelle is all for it. Marlon agrees.

Filming? No for both, but Marlon explained his answer.

“Too many celeb tapes circulating…but I don’t want to be known for who I do, I want to be known for what I do.”

Role playing? Gizelle nixes the idea, but Marlon only draws the line at acting like animals.

More than you wanted to know? Me, too. So what do you think about the second episode of RHOP? Whose side do you take in the ongoing battle between Gizelle, Karen, and Charrisse?


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