Charrisse Jordan Spills on Gizelle’s “Wild” Behavior “Gizelle Lacks Home Training”

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Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s marriage to Eddie Jordan is juicy topic on The Real Housewives of Potomac. The two live apart and have for some time. Naturally, the other ladies talk, but Charrissee doesn’t appreciate being the center of gossip.

“The ladies want to have discussion about my marriage behind my back? If you want to know anything about Charrisse just ask. I am a open book. But I get it, they want to find something wrong so they can feel good about their lives. Go ahead ladies keep talking! Like the song goes…If you don’t have no haters you aren’t popping! I guess I’m Orville Redenbacher…Pop! Pop! Pop!”

Gizelle Bryant asked her about the long distance aspect of Charrisse’s relationship.

“…asking me about Eddie at Karen Huger‘s dinner was her being her usual messy self. She loves attention and will do it at any expense. After all we are here to celebrate Karen. I am learning more and more that “class” for her is just something that she took while attending school.”

Later, Gizelle and her friend, Kal, came over and cooked the crabs for Charrisse’s party. Instead of a big thank you, Gizelle got attitude.

“I was able to bypass Gizelle bringing her sidekick without letting me know. That’s what classless people do. I even bypassed his rude comments to me about my hair and clothing. After all, birds of a feather flock together.”

Charrisse left Gizelle and Kal to finish cooking while she went upstairs to have her hair and makeup done. The two peeked in her kitchen cupboards.

“…slamming my cabinets and going through my things? Really? I know she said she came from pedigree but I had no idea she meant a wild animal. Then she proceeded to bring her friend upstairs in my bedroom?? She has never been in my bedroom and to think that was okay only shows she lacks home training.”

Maybe, and I’m just throwing this out there, Charrisse could have been a better hostess and not left them to their own devises. After all, Gizelle was on hand to greet Charrisse’s guests and she did cook dinner. And by the way, Housewives, can we stop using the word classless? I can’t be the only one who finds it bothersome.

Are we taking sides in this skirmish? Or did they all behave badly and need a good time out?


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