Faye Resnick Leaves A Bad Taste In Kathryn Edwards’ Mouth! #RHOBH

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Kathryn Edwards finally made her long awaited debut on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week.

The folks at Bravo must have been salivating to get her and Faye Resnick together. After all, Faye accused Kathryn’s ex-husband, Marcus Allen, of having an affair with Nicole Brown Simpson during his engagement and marriage to Kathryn. Faye wrote it all down in her trashy book about the O.J. trial, dragging Kathryn’s name into the scandal. So naturally, that’s the first thing that pops out of Lisa Rinna’s plump lips.

Lisa Rinna is someone I have known for over 20 years…I was happy to see her at Lisa Vanderpump‘s charity event. What I wasn’t happy about was that the first thing out of her mouth was O.J…really? OK, if that’s what you think when you see me, I guess I haven’t made much of any impression on you.”

The past is in Kathryn’s rearview. She’s moved on and has remarried, but the other Housewives wanted to talk about her connection to Faye and the trial of the century.

“Listening to the ladies talk about me and something that happened so tragically 22 years ago was disappointing…not the way I want to start off new friendships.”

Kathryn sat down with the ladies for a little “get to know the new girl” session.

“Walking into a room, especially when it’s a new crowd, can be unnerving to say the least, but I felt comfortable with Rinna (even with the shady comment) and Vanderpump, so I thought “why not?”

Let me tell you why not, Kathryn. Because Kyle is going to bring it up. For a woman who doesn’t like to talk about her own shit, Kyle is quick to open her mouth about everyone else’s past.

“I guess that part of this is a long time coming…something that bothered me for years…so hearing Kyle ask me if I know Faye Resnick was a given. The writing was on the wall, and I was expecting it. I wasn’t defensive, not even slightly. I expected it, but the truth is that Faye has never met me. I don’t even know if she knows what I look like.”

Kyle acted shocked—shocked, I say!—at Kathryn’s denial of knowing Faye. She even intimated that Kathryn might be lying, because if Faye said she knows you, it’s the gospel truth. And all the Housewives said amen.

“…for years I got a bad taste in my mouth at the thought of Faye Resnick for a litany of reasons–not all personal to me–but nonetheless, I’m not a fan. I know Kyle and Faye are friends, so I can only surmise that there must be something that I don’t see in Faye, something redeeming. People can change, right?”

Wrong! But I do love a cockeyed optimist. Kathryn didn’t get her perfect nose too bent out of shape by talk of The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick. (Yeah, I had to slip that in there.)

“I enjoyed them all that afternoon. I’m a playful person, and I like to have fun and tease in conversations. Hopefully you all will see the fun side of me. I’m competitive, playful, and enjoy a good discussion. My husband and I travel like nomads, and the experiences of the world have taught me a lot. I am fiercely loyal to those I love and have a strong need for fairness and truth.”

Well, I guess Faye has wormed her way into another storyline. What’s your take on Kathryn so far?


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