Cynthia Bailey Gushes About Rekindling Her Friendship with NeNe Leakes #RHOA

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On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey turned emotional when she heard about Kenya Moore’s non-existent relationship with her mother.

“I have a wonderful relationship with my mother and I am very close to my daughter Noelle. I can’t imagine not having my mother in my life. As a mother myself, no one is more important than my child. The unfortunate situation between Kenya and her mother truly breaks my heart.”

Cynthia feels complete empathy for Kenya and the struggle to be accepted by her family.

“I honestly don’t know if I would be able to do it myself and endure as bravely as Kenya. How can anyone expect you to forget about your mother and move on … I commend her for trying one last time for reconciliation… Kenya is one of the strongest women I know…”

So what’s Cynthia’s status with NeNe Leakes?

“NeNe has unblocked me on Twitter and we are both following each other again. From the way things are going, I have no reason to believe that I will be blocked or unfollowed again anytime in the near future.”

Is NeNe jealous over Cynthia’s friendship with Kenya?

“Kenya is my girl and we are great friends. I don’t think NeNe was upset about this. I feel she was playfully giving me a hard time about my relationship with Kenya as friends do with one another. NeNe and I have not been friends for a couple of years, and I feel we are both reclaiming our place in each other’s lives.”

Do you miss seeing Cynthia and Nene together every week? Or do you think Cynthia and Kenya are a better fit?

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