Teresa Giudice’s New “Zen” Attitude Has #RHONJ Execs Panicking

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Could Teresa Giudice be a changed woman? Insiders are saying that the ex-convict has a new “Zen” attitude after her time in the clink and this has producers of The Real Housewives of New Jersey worried about a drama-less season.

Recently, Teresa made an appearance at sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga’s new boutique, ENVY. Teresa arrived with her daughter, Gia, and did what she was asked.

“She was so zen after being in prison that nothing is fazing her anymore,” the insider told Radar. “She had to be told where to stand and what to do and basically did nothing. She wasn’t at all like her old diva self!”

During this past year, many fans have wondered if prison would change Teresa. Would she come return as the table-flipping woman who wouldn’t live in a used house or would she return as someone who had a few slices of humble pie? 

The source continued,

“She basically has a ‘f**k it’ attitude. She figures nothing else that bad can happen to her. She spent nearly a year away from her daughters that she loves so much. So she’s at peace with everything.”

How are the New Jersey cast mates and friends taking this new Teresa?

“Everyone was really impressed by Teresa,” the source confirmed. “They really think she may have changed. No one believed it could happen, but it did.”

So basically everyone is in love, love, love with this new Teresa, except the producers.

“Teresa’s drama, and especially her fights, are what people tuned in to see. They wanted to see her have meltdowns and screaming fits. The producers are worried that the show won’t have any bite with her new calm attitude,” The source added, “The last season was a little boring and they’re worried about ratings if she doesn’t bring anything good to the table.”


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