Kyle Richards Opens Up About Nicky Hilton’s Wedding Debacle, Kim Richards & #RHOBH Drama

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Tonight on Watch What Happnes Live, Andy Cohen hosted former enemies, Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards. Medium Tyler Henry played the role of bartender in a nod to the most infamous dinner party in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills history. Sadly, unlike Allison Dubois, he didn’t puff on an e-cig.

On tonight’s RHOBH episode, Eileen Davidson opened up about her abusive relationship. Camille, an alleged victim of domestic abuse herself, applauded Eileen for speaking out.

Kyle threw in her two cents:

“I know that was very difficult for her. She had a little bit of anxiety about it. It was brave of her to say that.”

We got Camille’s quick, hot takes on the season so far:

Taylor Armstrong questioning Yolanda Foster’s illness:

“I didn’t think it was right.”

Should Lisa Vanderpump have apologized to Eileen:

“Absolutely. That wasn’t the right time to bring up that question.”

Can I just pause to say LVP actually did apologize? Maybe not as profusely as Eileen might have wanted, but it was offered.

Camille’s opinion on Ken getting into the mix with the ladies:

“Ken’s been the queen of the Housewives this season.”

As for Kyle, she’s still smarting over Ken’s jab that she always wears muumuus.

“I was like, really nice Ken. That’s really an asshole move.”

Brand spanking new Housewife, Kathryn Edwards, made her debut tonight. She and Lisa Rinna shared air kisses, and as soon as Kathryn threw out Harry Hamlin’s ex, Nicollette Sheridan, Rinna upped her by mentioning OJ Simpson. Kathryn had ties to OJ and The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick. By the way, Camille has changed her tune. She now loves Faye. Loves!

Still, ghosts from the past haunt next week’s episode:

Kathryn reacts to Faye’s allegation that Nicole Simpson slept with Kathryn’s then husband, Marcus Allen. Kathryn has been planning her speech, should she ever meet Faye, for the past twenty years. But Faye refuses to address it or answer Kathryn’s charge about bringing her name into the scandal.

I have a feeling sides will be taken. Gauntlets will be thrown.

In other news, tomorrow is Kyle’s twentieth wedding anniversary. We saw a montage of her and Mauricio in their greatest romantic hits. Kyle is now in New York alone. Mauricio took the girls back to California. Since they’ll be apart on their big day, Mauricio gave Kyle’s gift to Andy, which he presented to her tonight on the show—diamond drop earrings. 

“Flawless diamonds for his flawless wife.”

Kyle put them on amidst the tears. Careful girl, if those tears spill onto your leather pants, they’ll shrink. Salt water and leather do not mix.

Andy brought up the fact that Erika Jayne didn’t seem angry when Bethenny Frankel freely shared her opinion about Erika’s cheap music video, but in her talking head, Erika got snarky. Kyle agreed.

“In her interviews she seemed upset. But the truth is Bethenny really liked her.”

Imagine if Bethenny hated you. I shudder to think.

Next, a tweet accused Kyle of throwing LVP shade, saying Lisa shows nothing but concern for Kyle.

“When did I throw LVP shade? I love Lisa.”

Only every time you open your mouth, Kyle. Every. Time.

A caller asked why the ladies keep bringing up Kim when Kyle is clearly uncomfortable talking about her sister.

“To get a reaction from me. I think also it was what was going on at the time. It’s our job to talk about what’s going on in our lives…but I was not comfortable.”

Another tweet stated that if Kyle would just answer the questions straight up, maybe talk of Kim would stop. Kyle refuted that idea, saying the questions just kept coming.

Another caller asked about Camille’s relationship with ex-husband, Kelsey.

“There is none. He still refuses to talk about me regarding the kids. It’s very difficult on the children.”

Apparently, they communicate through nannies.

Kyle was asked why she attended niece, Nicky Hilton’s, wedding without half of her family.

“I was in the room when my niece was born. She’s very important to me. I was encouraged by my husband and daughters to go ahead. I’m glad I went.”

We were treated to a flashback of when Camille and Kyle hated each other. Remember pernicious? Boy, I miss those days. Our game of the night, Clubhouse Playhouse, forced Camille and Kyle to switch places and reenact their big argument from season one. They donned wigs to help get into character. After using bad accents and flipping synthetic Kim Zolciak-like hair, they hugged it out.

Andy wanted to know about the turning point in their relationship, where they went from being enemies to friends? Camille said,

“After Kelsy left me…she [Kyle] reached out to me and she felt bad…Lisa was very helpful.”

So do you miss Camille? Are LVP and Kyle real friends or just frenemies? And what about this OJ Simpson business? Real or manufactured by Bravo?


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