Karen Huger Defends Her Actions During The Crab Boil Blow-Up With Gizelle Bryant! #RHOP

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Every hive needs a queen, and Karen Huger is fighting hard for that spot on The Real Housewives of Potomac. When Gizelle Bryant didn’t let Karen sit in the center of the booth during her birthday dinner, all hell broke loose and the word etiquette got tossed around approximately three thousand times. Karen defends her overreaction.

“I was taught as a child that proper etiquette would serve me well in life and it has. If I care about you and I feel that your conduct is inappropriate, as a friend I will gently point you in the right direction.”

Did her mother teach her to call people ignorant, too? Hmm?

Gizelle says Karen got all judgy. Karen disagrees.

“I don’t believe Gizelle is comfortable with anyone calling her out on her inappropriate shenanigans. I’m not judging, I’m just pointing out the obvious… Gizelle is a grown woman who knew better. As she says, “she’s got a pedigree”. Really?”

During Charrissee Jackson Jordan’s crab boil, the two ladies clashed as Karen gave Gizelle a framed copy of the birthday rules of etiquette. And who came up with these rules, anyway? I have a feeling Karen hastily typed them up five minutes before she left for the party.

“Charisse had done such a wonderful job planning my surprise birthday party! I wasn’t about to ruin it by calling Giz out then. She would have loved The drama that would have ensued. Not on my watch! I chose instead a remedial approach at a later date. Printing out the five rules of etiquette on how to conduct yourself when you’re attending someone-else’s birthday party was extremely effective.”

Instead of being chastised by breaking Karen’s rules, Gizelle checked herself out in the mirrored frame.

“Gizelle’s reaction to my gift of etiquette rules was typical. She performed like a peacock on stage. I ended up walking away because school was out, lesson taught!”

I’m not sure Gizelle learned the lesson so much as she ignored it. Whose side are you on in this etiquette brouhaha? And did either lady really display good manners?


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