Cops Called To ‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans’ Home!

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Drama and Jenelle Evans are synonymous!

On January 16, Evans’ new boyfriend David Eason called 9-1-1 to report an intruder in the home he shares with the Teen Mom star.

According to Lt. Brewer with the New Hanover County Sheriffs Office, Evans’ mother Barbara showed up at their home uninvited screaming at Eason.

Lt. Brewer told Radar, “David Eason, he is the one that calls,” adding, ““He states that his girlfriend’s mother came to the house uninvited, screaming and yelling at him in front of the children and the subject in the house is Barbara Evans.”

Barbara was yelling so loud, the 911 operator heard the, “yelling in the background.”

The fight did not get beyond yelling, the incident remained, “verbal, so it was people arguing with each other,” Lt. Brewer continued.

According to police logs, no one was intoxicated, no one had drugs, and no one had any weapons. Well, that’s good considering three children were in Jenelle’s home during the adult drama.

According to Lt. Brewer, the incident didn’t go much further than that.

“There was no report taken, because what it appears is that it was a disagreement between him and the mother,” he explained. “She is the grandmother, so she has rights to have the children, and she left with the children.”

But a source close to Evans is brushing off the incident as a minor parking dispute,

“The cops did go to Jenelle’s house over the weekend,” the source told Radar. “They were there Sunday. They were there because Jenelle’s mom didn’t park in the driveway and traffic was getting backed up in the neighborhood,” the source explained. “Jenelle’s house is on the corner of a busy road. The cops told him and Jenelle’s mom that she can’t block the street and needed to pull up more,” the source said. That’s all. Jenelle was inside doing her makeup to go out to lunch with her mom,” the source said. “That’s why she wasn’t really involved.”

Stay tuned for developments on this report.


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