Lisa Rinna Thinks Bethenny Frankel Was Abrasive With Erika & Should Keep Her Opinions To Herself!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills headed east this week, to the Hamptons. Erika Jayne had her first trip with the other ladies and it went as expected—lots of judgement and petty bickering. Lisa Rinna joined in the fun. After watching Erika’s spicy video, Rinna claimed she was “uncomfortable” with Erika’s sexual persona, which she now admits is totally hypocritical.

“How does someone who has posed not only once but TWICE for Playboy have any right to pass judgment on Erika’s career? Shame on me for even going there. When I was told I was going to meet her, I did what anyone would do… I googled her! …I cringed just now watching my reaction to Erika before I met her.”

She also thinks Bethenny Frankel got a bit abrasive.   

“…she [Bethenny] definitely came on pretty strong with Erika that first night. In my opinion, offering unsolicited advice is usually not a great idea. Trust me on this one. I know why Bethenny does it. I absolutely get it. She and I are very similar when it comes to honesty and feeling compelled to give our true opinions, even when it’s at the expense of not being the popular opinion in a group.”

Isn’t this always the way with people who are rude and aggressive? They’re just being “real” and “honest”. Look, if we all went around being honest with each other, society as we know it would devolve in less than a day. Sometimes smiling and nodding politely is all that’s required.

In the rumble between Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson, Rinna takes Eileen’s side. Soap sisters stick together.

“…Eileen doesn’t feel comfortable talking about the early days of her and Vince’s relationship. Not to mention, Eileen was pretty forthcoming with the information she shared with us last season about it, so I can understand how being asked again this year could feel as if she’s being unnecessarily questioned.”

Unnecessarily questioned? Eileen is the one who brought it up. And she’s a grown ass woman who could have changed the subject, no? And why did Eileen have to ask for Rinna’s advice to talk to Lisa? Couldn’t Eileen figure that out on her own?

“Clearly Dr. Rinna needs to keep her day job, because advising her to be upfront about her feelings with LVP…isn’t going to bring a satisfying resolution… LVP’s response about their conversation being only between the two of them isn’t necessarily true, because we all know better than that, don’t we?”

So, do you think Rinna admitted her hypocrisy after seeing the backlash on social media or is she truly sorry for pre-judging Erika? And was LVP inappropriate for questioning Eileen?


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