Brown Princess Named! ‘Sister Wives’ Robyn and Kody Brown Name Baby Daughter Ariella Mae

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In baby Brown news, the recently born Kody lookalike has been named Ariella Mae Brown. 

No Ys, and no nod to Meri, for her selfless cooperation with the Robyn Brown takeover. Ariella, which means “lion of God” joins her big brother Prince Solomon, and will likely fasten herself to Kody’s other shoulder, in no time. 

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Another Brown soldier deserves a nod, and that is Dayton Brown. It was his birthday yesterday too, and while TLC gave a big shout-out to Mare, her birthday buddy was all but ignored by the network. Another Twitter account noticed, and called them to task.

Dayton stole my heart a little last season, when he honestly shared his confused struggle with his birth father signing him off, to be adopted by Kody. Dayton lives with Asperger Syndrome, and interestingly, exhibits the keenest common sense, and wisest instincts of the whole bunch. Dayton’s musings about the shady crap-storm surrounding him were simply spot on.

“Part of me is confused, part of me is excited, part of me doesn’t even know what’s going on.”

“In my mind I think there is going to be a lot of mental stuff. Thinking in your own mind that you’re signing something legally that is going to change you.  You’re swearing that this is what you want..a lot of mental stuff goes on with it.”

Happy birthday Dayton! May your instincts and common sense remain sharp, until you bust out of the compound in a few years! 

In closing, the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments Jan. 21st on whether a judge correctly struck down parts of Utah’s ban on polygamy. 

Stay tuned, as the Browns continue their crusade to legalize their right to multiply their harem-love.    


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