No Sympathy! Teresa Giudice’s Book Tour Slammed – Read The Harsh Backlash

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Teresa Giudice book signing_RHONJ2

Real Housewives of New Jersey star, the ankle-monitored Teresa Giudice, is stomping and snorting, ready to bust out of her pen of house arrest, so she can begin hawking her wares. Teresa is set to hold her first prison-penned book signing at Bookends Bookstore in Ridgewood, NJ, on February 10th. 

The store proudly announced the appearance on their Facebook page, but probably didn’t expect to be blasted by incensed  followers of the Giudice fraud case. Social media has been flooded with infuriated consumers, protesting the scheduled appearance.

“t’s very difficult to ask us to support our local bookstore when said bookstore is supporting a criminal. Purchase of her “book” which she didn’t even write, should not be encouraged or assisted. A bookstore should stand for literacy, promoting true authors and quality books.”

“Why would Bookends support this criminal? She still owes millions of dollars to various entities, not to mention owing money to victims of Hurricane Sandy, who she and her equally disgusting husband scammed. She is driving around town in a 100k Lexus that Joe claimed to have bought for her for Christmas. Why not use that money to pay back monies she owes? Nope, as usual it’s all about this felon! They are laughing in the face of all the people, banks and numerous companies that they scammed. I sure hope people show up and demand their money from her!”

Bookends patrons kept the pressure on, criticizing the business for supporting an indebted, and remorseless swindler. The Giudices still owe  millions, to banks, businesses, and individuals, yet Teresa continues to flaunt pricey luxuries, as she resumes her everyday reality. 

“This business is supporting this felon. They must be so proud. Teresa Giudice will put them out of business.”

“Whoever greenlighted this SHOULD BE ASHAMED…I guess it’s all about the money…disgusting”

“Boycott bookends!!! how about her victims show up and get their money due them??small business owners and other victims of her crimes??”

A Holmdel, NJ, Barnes and Noble, proudly announced their evening in the tarnished Giudice spotlight, via Twitter. 

Numerous furious posters blasted the franchise, for promoting a corrupted by greed, Bravo felon. One tweet astutely noted the famous Costco shun, as an example of a business taking a moral stand. 

Twitter buzzed with charges to boycott the locale, some even broadening the effort to the whole bookstore chain. 

What will Teresa find, as she brazenly pushes her book and seeks to profit from her trip up the river?  

If social media is any indicator, the welcome-back might be an icy one.


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