Lisa Vanderpump Dismisses Eileen Davidson’s Hurt Feelings “I’m Guilty of Asking Questions” #RHOBH

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The storm is still raging on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills over Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson’s discussion regarding Eileen’s affair and subsequent marriage to Vince Van Patten. Eileen gave her snarky take on things, and now it’s LVP’s turn to tell her side of the story.

Lisa claims she was looking forward to a fun, casual evening in the Hamptons.

“I had dismissed the fact that all of the other women had left rather abruptly…I was correct and they could’ve handled it better, but it was supposed to be a celebratory weekend, and I can assure you the very thought of any friction was the furthest thing from my mind.”

When table talk turned to divorce, and Eileen admitted she was on marriage number three, Lisa asked her about it.

“I am guilty of asking questions to have a better understanding of the person that would be a friend or colleague.”

But Lisa used the word “affair” and maybe that’s what set Eileen off. Although, Eileen’s anger seems to be more of the crockpot variety, because it took her a couple of days to decide if she was really offended or not.

“Perhaps the terminology “affair” was misconstrued. It was not an exposé–this had been discussed twice previously. I expected Eileen to reminisce, to just elaborate on…a “love affair.” So we have lunch the next day, then dinner at Bethenny‘s, and there was no hint from Eileen that anything was bothering her…when she said she needed to talk to me…I was mystified.”

Eileen claims Lisa refused to accept responsibility for the incident and turned it around, putting the blame on Eileen’s tanned shoulders. At this point I’m thinking to myself, what incident? LVP asked a couple of personal questions. It’s not like she held a shrimp fork to Eileen’s jugular and forced her to respond.

“…I saw how I said verbatim, “Oh darling I wouldn’t want you to tell me anything you don’t want to…I APOLOGIZE for asking too many questions.” And she even inferred that maybe she was overly sensitive, and I quizzically reminded her that she could’ve said she didn’t want to discuss it…”

Lisa, points out that this is why they all signed up for reality TV—to share their lives with viewers. All this business about certain topics being off limits (I’m staring right you, Kyle) is nonsense. 

“Isn’t the premise of showing our reality that we discuss our histories. Subjects have arisen over the last six years that have been sensitive. I remember Max asking me for the first time whether he had siblings, one of those rare moments that you forget you’re not alone on this journey that we as a family embarked on. I embrace sharing our journey with you.”

On to other matters, like Yolanda and David Foster and that very inappropriate comment about the size of his wife’s tits after her breast surgery:

“David tried to bring some levity to the situation by joking. At the time, as he was by her side, I understood it. Now, not so much. I have not one iota of knowledge in what was the catalyst of the demise of their marriage.”

So was Lisa wrong to ask so many questions or is Eileen being a big whiner? And what do you make of David’s insensitive remark?


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