RECAP: #MobWives “Mobbed Up Mermaids” [Season 6, Episode 1]

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Mob Wives season 6 starts off with a bang! Karen is enjoying the warm summer weather and throws a BBQ. She wants her daughter Karina to enjoy New York. She says when she was a kid they always had BBQ’s. Women in the kitchen cooking, kids in the pool, and men in the corner handling their business. Karina is growing up, and Karen says it’s like karma. She acted the same way as a teenager.

Renee arrives. She says she’s staying away from the BS like Natalie who got booted back to Philly, and she’s only surrounding herself with loyal people. Karen’s happy Natalie showed her true colors, and they’re free of the drama.Mob Candy has a float at the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island. Renee invites Karina and Karen to be in it with her. Everyone will be dressed up in mermaid costumes. Renee says The Mermaid Parade is New York’s version of Mardi Gras. Karen says Renee is in a peaceful place. If Renee is happy, she’s happy.

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Big Ang has had a lot going on lately. Her doctor found a tumor the size of a golf ball in her throat. They had to surgically remove it. Big Ang was understandably scared. Her hubby Neil was so supportive. He never left her side. She describes how awful she felt after the surgery. She says staying in the hospital for 9 days gave her anxiety attacks. She says she’ll feel normal in about six months to a year. So far she’s Cancer free. Big Ang isn’t happy she has to change her lifestyle. She has to stick to healthy foods, and she can’t smoke. Big Ang knows it’s going to be hard because she’s set in her ways.

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Over at Drita‘s house, she has a surprise for her two girls. Her oldest daughter is now a teenager, and her seven-year-old has a big personality. Drita drives into the neighborhood she grew up in. She shows her girls the projects she lived in for sixteen years. She wants her girls to appreciate everything they have. Drita is a hard worker because of how she grew up. Drita‘s writing a book about her life. Something she’s always wanted to do. She wants to share her accomplishments but is nervous to tell Lee. He considers the book, ratting! And a RAT is a no-no!

Renee invited all of the girls to the park to catch up and see how Ang‘s recovery is going. Renee says last year outsiders affected her relationship with Ang. Now the outsiders are history. Renee says her relationship with Ang is back on track and wonderful. Renee is happy Big Ang’s health is better. Drita is happy the group is back together. Drita says it’s peaceful. Drita tells the girls she’s writing a book. Renee thinks it’s great. Renee invites all of the girls to The Mermaid Parade. Karen wants to bring her friend Brittany. Brittany‘s dad has been friends with Karen‘s dad for years. They were loyal to eachother, so it’s important for Karen to show the same loyalty. He also Cooperated. Renee has a problem with that. She says it disgraces your family and cooperating makes you a selfish prick. Renee wants to meet her before the parade. She says she doesn’t want anyone else’s children who cooperated around her. Karen thinks Renee’s hitting too close to home. People judge her because her own dad cooperated. She says Renee is insulting her. Karen doesn’t agree with ratting, but she also doesn’t agree with judging people. Renee doesn’t want that around her. Period.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Brittany says people underestimate her because she doesn’t look like a typical Staten Island girl. They don’t know about her past. When she was eight, her dad “Big John” Fogarty was arrested on Organized Crime charges. Overnight her mom was left to raise Brittany and her brothers on her own. Brittany is bored already. She came back to the East Coast because it was too hard to be away from her family, and her boyfriend. She did runway work in L.A. She now has to work on building her network. Brittany wants to move back to Staten Island. Her mom isn’t happy about that because her dad’s a rat. After he was arrested there was a hit on her mom, so they were relocated to Pa. Her mom didn’t raise her to act like a Staten Island girl. She doesn’t give a crap about what people think. She argues with her mom. Brittany doesn’t want her dad’s mistakes to keep affecting her life.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Big Ang went through cancer. Now she has to close The Drunken Monkey because she’s a felon. Ang is sad. Neil tries to be supportive. He says she just went through cancer, and she has grandchildren. Time to move onto bigger and better things. The Drunken Monkey has been her life for eight years. Drita doesn’t make things any better. She says her customers are devastated to see Ang‘s bar close. Someone called the liquor board on Ang. Drita gets pissed off. She says they take away legit jobs so felons resort to committing crimes. Ang had so many good memories at The Drunken Monkey, but that’s all done.

Karen has to address the “Brittany situation” with Renee right away. Karen says she’s disappointed. She never thought Renee would be so judgmental. Renee knows how much crap Karen had to go through, so she should be more mindful about her opinions. Renee is worried about others judging them. She doesn’t want that stigma around her. People who cooperate make her sick to her stomach. Karen says Renee is her sister, and she’ll go hard for her. Brittany is someone she’s welcoming because of family ties. Karen says basically she doesn’t give a flying f**k about others judgments. Renee says she can feel the way she wants, and she can pick who she wants to hang out with. Karen says Renee brought up bad memories. Renee changes her tune. She knows what Karen went through, so she’s going to be nice to Brittany. It doesn’t mean she’ll trust her.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Renee and AJ‘s girlfriend are getting their hair and makeup done for the parade. Aj‘s girlfriend is nervous. Everyone’s going to be watching them. Karen (Karina and Brittany) arrive. She’s happy she hashed things out with Renee. She’s worried about Renee keeping her opinions to herself around Brittany. Renee says she’s playing nice, but she’s going to pay extra attention to what Brittany says and does. Carla also arrives for hair/makeup. She’s so happy she repaired her friendship with Renee and Karen. Drita isn’t going to be a mermaid because Carla’s going to be there. Drita says she doesn’t have a problem with Carla. It doesn’t make sense.

The parade is a freak fest of people. As they walk, Love (Remember she got the boot for beating the crap out of Carla) calls Karen‘s name. Carla isn’t happy. Love apologizes to Carla. It shocks everyone. Apparently Love went after Carla because of something Drita said. Carla doesn’t believe her. Love says Drita set Carla up. They agree to discuss the drama another day.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6

Drita calls Lee to discuss the book Drita wants to write. Lee isn’t happy. He says leave the past in the past. He calls his wife a rat. He says she’s not writing a book. End of story.

The girls make it to The Mob Candy float. Renee aka The Queen Mermaid pops some Champagne to celebrate. Carla‘s trying not to focus on what Love said. Karen is happy to do something she’s never done. Brittany announces she’s moving back to Staten Island. She says her mom isn’t happy about it. Brittany talks about what happened with her dad. Renee is uncomfortable. Renee being the loud mouth she is expresses her opinion about it. Karen says after everything they talked about Renee couldn’t zip it. Brittany says Renee is a hypocrite. Her ex-husband cooperated. Renee thinks Brittany is being disrespectful. Bottom line: Renee doesn’t trust any outsiders. Brittany doesn’t appreciate Renee’s loud mouth disrespecting her mom.

All About the Tea_Mob Wives Season 6


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