Lisa Vanderpump Dishes on Farrah Abraham Crashing Her Party, Erika Girardi & Vanderpump Rules

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Andy Cohen of Watch What Happens Live played host to Queen Bee of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump and Hoda Kotb from the Today Show.

First topic of the night, David Foster’s remark that Lisa’s husband, Ken, had bigger tits than his wife Yolanda after the removal of her breast implants. Ouch! But Lisa said David was trying to inject a little levity into the situation and that she was “gobsmacked” by the Fosters’ divorce. “I didn’t see it coming…not at all…sad to see that.”

On tonight’s episode, the Housewives were still in the Hamptons and went to a wine tasting. What we didn’t see was Andy’s sudden appearance. He brought them a charcuterie (shout out to Heather Dubrow). The ladies oohed and aahed over his bare legs.

The Real Housewives of New York’s, Bethenny Frankel, also made a cameo. She tried to school Erika Jayne on her branding, saying Erika’s video looked cheap.

Hoda defended her good friend. “When Bethenny has an opinion, she tells you.”

Lisa got called out for her growing menagerie. We saw footage of her fondling Hanky the Swan, cooing to Gigi, and kissing the tutu-wearing miniature horse. Lisa just laughed. “You made Hanky a star!”

On the subject of Vanderpump Rules, Lisa gave her opinion on this season’s shenanigans.

Jax Taylor stealing everything that isn’t nailed down? “Oh come on, he’s had a candle and a couple of bottles.”

The healthies relationship in the SUR-verse? “Katie and Schwartz.”

Does Lisa think Stassi Schroeder was sincere when she sent Katie Maloney a congratulatory text?

“Probably not. I don’t think Stassi’s ever sincere. Sorry, Stassi.”

Lala and Faith splashing topless in her pool?

“I wasn’t there. They were enjoying themselves. They’re pretty, young things. I’m going to slap them when I get hold of them.”

And on the appeal of Jax and James Kennedy:

“I don’t really understand that. I think they’re bad boys, and I think women are attracted to bad boys.”

A caller asked why Lisa was being hypocritical about the age difference between Erika Jayne and her husband when there’s an age gap between Lisa and Ken.

“Well, I don’t think I was hard on her. I was surprised because it’s a much bigger age difference than ours…I was just playing with her. I met him, absolutely adore him…he’s a great guy.”

  What did she think of Lala and James’ foul-mouthed rants on WWHL?

“They were absolutely terrible…I think you should make them clean the toilets or scrub the floor or something… I kicked their butts from here to breakfast time… It was embarrassing, the whole thing.”

This week on RHOBh, we saw the continuation of Bella magazine’s white party in honor of Lisa. A caller asked about Farrah Abraham’s (Teen Mom OG) attempt to crash the event.

“It was Bella’s party. I was brought in. I had no knowledge she was there. Mind you, I wouldn’t know her if she sat on me.”

But Farrah wasn’t the only guest who didn’t make the cut. Jill Zarin was barred from entering as well. Lisa waved at her from across the fence.

Lisa regrets being too intrusive with Eileen Davidson about her marriage.

“…at the time, it was part of the bigger conversation… I wasn’t exposing anything—it’s been talked about on the show.”

Lisa doesn’t think Yolanda has been faking her illness.

“I think that was a very difficult situation…I don’t really think any of us have ever thought that Yolanda was faking Lyme disease. Absolutely not.”

The final call of the night made a dig at Ken for getting involved in the ladies’ biz. Lisa disagrees, saying Ken takes a backseat on Vanderpump Rules, but:

“…he’s very defensive of me. We’ve been married a long time and when he sees something coming my direction…he will step up, absolutely.”

So what do you think? Was Lisa wrong to question Eileen, or was Eileen just being overly sensitive?


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