‘RHOA’ Kenya Moore Speaks Out About Confronting Her Mother & Shares Excerpts From New Memoir

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On Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers got to see a different side of Kenya Moore. We watched as Kenya repeatedly knock on her mother’s door while in Detroit for a family reunion, only to have that door locked in her face – literally. Does Kenya regret letting the cameras film this public rejection? No she doesn’t.


Kenya’s mom, Patricia, became pregnant with her at 15 and originally wanted to place Kenya for adoption. Her father’s mother, Doris, stepped up to raise Kenya after Ronald begged her. And though Moore would see her mom at family events from time to time, her mother was said to never have acknowledged her. As was the same on Sunday’s episode.

Some viewers feel this wasn’t the appropriate platform and perhaps Kenya would have more success if a bus full of friends and family, plus a camera crew weren’t along for the ride. But this season Kenya is trying to repair family relations, something she has every right to do. Say what you want about Kenya, but she is still the innocent child looking for acceptance from her mother.

After Kenya won the title of Miss USA, a 1993 People magazine article revealed that Patricia reached out to Kenya. She reportedly called the hotel to congratulate Moore on her win but according to Kenya,

“didn’t apologize for how she treated her.”

Patricia gave the magazine her side of the story.

“I’m a very private person. It doesn’t matter how dim Kenya portrays me, because I know exactly who I am…I’m praying for her. I wish her all the luck and success in the world.”

As for Kenya’s father, Ronald. He has certainly stepped up to the plate and admitted he did the best he could at the time. As a teen, Kenya ran away from her father’s house in Houston and considers this to be a “rash teenage decision.” When she left, Ronald said he felt like a failure. In her Bravo blog post, Kenya had this to say about her mother and father.

“I’m thankful that we have grown together. He is not perfect, but he is my family and the only father I have. Most importantly, I know he has always wanted me, unlike my mother. He has never abused me, he has never set out to hurt me, he has never disowned me — all things my mother has done.”

In an Instagram message to her fans, Kenya shares an excerpt from her upcoming book centered around her childhood abandonment:

“I AM NOT INVISIBLE,” she wrote. “It’s hard to express how I really feel sometimes so I write. I started my memoir years ago but found it difficult to complete. As a thank you for all your love and support from my difficult and often painful journey with my family I want to share the first chapters with my loyal fans and friends. Thank you for your compassion, kindness and love.”



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