Eileen Davidson Is Pissed At Lisa Vanderpump! “Her Questions Seemed Far From Friendly”

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Last night, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Eileen Davidson finally brought some drama to the show, but as far as I’m concerned, it was a tempest in a teapot. And fancy, pink English teapot, filled with Earl Grey.

It all started at the Bella magazine white party dinner, where Eileen sat next to Lisa Vanderpump. The subject of divorce came up and Eileen revealed that her first marriage lasted six months. Lisa V.’s ears perked up, and she asked about Eileen’s current marriage to Vince Van Patten. (Hubby number three, by the way.)

“If a friend wants to “get to know” me, I’m happy to answer anything. Lisa V.’s questions seemed far from friendly…”

LVP was curious, and Eileen could have shut it down the questions at any time. Instead, she’s chosen to play the victim card, portraying LVP as a big, British meanie.

“It wasn’t just her line of questioning… I felt like she blindsided me, purposely tried to provoke me. It made no sense. Unless it was some kind of passive-aggressive payback for leaving the hotel? That would be silly. Besides, I had explained why we left and apologized profusely. What am I missing?”

A backbone? If you don’t want to talk about something, just say so or change the subject.

“I was so taken aback that I chose not to confront Lisa V. the night it happened. But I knew I had to resolve this one way or another… I realized I needed to say something to Lisa V.… I cared about our relationship enough to pull Lisa V. aside and talk this out.”

Eileen’s little talk didn’t go according to plan.

“I’m going in expecting an apology, something along the lines of, “Oh Darling, I’m so sorry! That was never my intention. Hugs and kisses,” and then we would ride off into the sunset… Strangely enough the whole thing got turned back on me! When I told her how I felt, her answer to me was, “We were alone.” We were not “alone.” First of all, we were sitting at a large table with approximately 30 people, most of them strangers… Second, Lisa V. is a very intelligent… It’s not only ludicrous, but highly insulting to me to play the “alone” card.”

Eileen felt she and her family were attacked.

“She chose to refer to my relationship with my husband of 13 years, the father to my children, as “the affair.” It’s a cheap shot. And she chose the time, and place, and the manner of it. I’d never do that to friend, and I thought that Lisa V. and I were friends.”

But here’s the thing, if they were really friends, instead of casual acquaintances who happen to be on a show together, Lisa would already know this stuff, right? They’d share a bottle of wine and talk about past relationships, like real friends do. But since I’m sure Lisa has better things to do than read Wikipedia to find out about Eileen’s past, she simply asked. Maybe Eileen is still feeling guilty over the whole thing and is a little defensive?

“I just wanted her to know that she was perhaps being a bit disrespectful… I felt like she was very dismissive of my genuine feelings. I don’t think she really heard me or thinks she did or said anything wrong. If I did that to a friend, I’d want to know. And I’d apologize, even if insulting them was not my intent.”

Eileen thinks Erika Jayne got Vanderpumped, too.

“…seeing Erika in the limo with Lisa V. on the way over, it looks like she’s being grilled as much as I was! Erika even says she thinks Lisa V. “enjoys making people uncomfortable.” Doesn’t sound very friend-like, huh?”

But that was a cake walk compared to how Erika was treated by Bethenny Frankel.

“…Bethenny told Erika her music video looked “cheap,” and, like it was “trying to be like avant-garde and it’s not quite getting it.” …Erika Jayne shut it down in the dance-off that ended in Bethenny ripping her pants.”

That was a fantastic moment, I’m not going to lie. So who was right in this situation? Was LVP too intrusive or is Eileen playing the victim?


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