RECAP: Love & Hip Hop New York “Endings + Beginnings” [Season 6, Episode 5]

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We begin this episode of Love & Hip Hop New York with Mariah Lynn and Cisco getting booted from BBOD’s single release party. Rah asked Moe what happened. Moe asks “Do they think this was some kind of freak show?” She knocked Mariah’s drink out of her hand. Lexxy is pissed. She says this was suppose to be their single release party, but Moe’s caught up in drama again. Over Cisco? Lexxy says he couldn’t even be on time! This is not the Moe show so bring it down a notch. Rah calls Moe a liability. Any chance of her working with BBOD flew out the window.

Outside the party, Mariah and Cisco talk about how uncool it was for Moe to knock Mariah’s drink out of her hand. Cisco says Moe showed a side he didn’t like, but he was turned on by Mariah holding her own. He needs a ride or die chick like that. Cisco needs to say bye to Moe and hello to Mariah Lynn. Moe may have knocked her drink out of her hand, but Mariah is leaving with her man.

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Meanwhile, Yandy is relieved. Mendeecees’ sentencing has been postponed. She doesn’t know how their family is going to go on without him. Holding down their family alone was never part of the plan. Medeecees doesn’t know how much time he has, but he’s going to stop stressing and live in the moment. He feels blessed to be with his wife and family, breathe the fresh air, and be free. Yandy says Mendeecees sentencing being postponed gives her the energy to roll her sleeves up and get back to work.

Life isn’t so blessed for Peter Gunz. He needed a minute to clear his head after his life crumbled right in front of him. Peter had to finally come clean with Tara and Amina. He loves both women. It really screwed his head up to watch them go at eachother with such rage. Bringing another baby into the world is more than he can take. Both women have been blowing his phone up, but he’s at the studio banging on some drums. Tara finds Peter in the studio. She says she hasn’t seen Peter since the blowup. She says Peter leaving Amina and her to pick up the pieces is really screwed up. Tara goes off.


She says Peter keeps humiliating her. When is enough…ENOUGH? Does he think about Tara raising their kids? They yell back and forth about Tara moving, and Peter treating her like a piece of crap. Love can’t fix his mistakes because he doesn’t respect the women who raise his kids. Tara says she’s done. She doesn’t want Peter in her life anymore. She’s moving. Peter says he’s letting her go.


Young B is suppose to meet Yandy in the studio, but she’s already an hour late. Time is money. Yandy is pissed when Young B finally arrives. She’s late because she had to do her hair and makeup. Yandy says she doesn’t care about her hair and makeup. She cares about money. Young B finds it amusing. Yandy…not so much. Young B is sort of apologetic, but she’s not in the mood for Yandy’s lecture. Yandy is forgiving, but she better not be late again. Yandy wants Young B to take some etiquette classes. Guess who teaches the class? Tara. Oh the irony! Yandy says the class will cover how she should look and behave when Young B attends events.  


Mariah is frustrated! When her career is on a high, her personal life comes crashing down. She hasn’t had an easy road. Now she has to go bail her mom out of jail. She was arrested for shoplifting AGAIN. She hasn’t had a good relationship with her mom. Her mom’s an addict. She refuses to talk to her mom after they leave the police station. Her mom does thank Mariah for bailing her out of jail. Despite all the crap they’ve gone through, she still loves her mom. Mariah doesn’t understand her mother’s need to steal. Her mom says it’s an addiction. Mariah is livid she had to cancel her studio session. The cherry on top? Her mother is pregnant. She promises to grow up and take responsibility. Mariah says she’s heard it all before.

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Young B is at some kind of dance/exercise class. She needed a pick me up after her session with Yandy. One girl that always makes her laugh is Cardi B. The exercise is too much for Cardi. She’s out of breath. She only dances for money. Cardi says next time invite her to the club. Young B complains about Yandy. She says Yandy thinks she gets too “turnt up.” Young B says Cardi is crazy. Yandy‘s lucky she’s working with Young B. She’s not going to the etiquette class without Cardi.

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Lexxy is frustrated about Moe‘s dramatic ways. It’s getting in the way of BBOD buisness. Lexxy is seeing a pattern she doesn’t like. Lexxy needs some advice from uncle Treach. Treach says it has to be a “negroiation,” 95% of music groups didn’t get along. Lexxy complains about Moe causing drama all over town. Treach says that’s bad. No one wants to book groups who cause problems. If you aren’t in it to win it you’re out. If Moe can’t understand that she’s going to destroy BBOD. Treach says Lexxy needs to talk to Moe’s dad. 


Amina says finding out she’s pregnant should’ve been a happy time, but it turned into a nightmare. Her biggest fear (Peter and Tara still bumping uglies) came true. She feels like she was stabbed in the heart. She has no one to talk to. Her sister went back to Germany. She meets with Peter‘s daughter, Whitney. Amina considers Whitney a friend. Amina wants to know if Whitney knew about Peter and Tara. Whitney says “That’s my dad. My dad has a good heart, but when it comes to women, my dad has a problem.” She explains how her dad’s “problem” has affected her. She asks if Amina wants her daughter to see that? Amina doesn’t want her daughter to suffer for her mistakes. Amina got an abortion. She says it was hard to do. Her heart wanted a baby, but her mind said absolutely not. Amina needs to think with head more often! Peter said he would support any decision she makes about the pregnancy. Amina says she needs to get up everyday, take care of her daughter, and be ok. Whitney says she supports Amina, and she understands.

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Cardi and Young B arrive for their etiquette lessons. Tara moved back into her old apartment. Tara says work is a distraction. When Yandy reached out about Young B she jumped at the chance. Tara asks them why they wanted to come to the class, and what do they expect to learn. Cardi says her manager says she has an accent, and if she sees someone she doesn’t like at events her anger takes over. Young B says her manager says she pops off too much. Tara tries showing the ladies how to drink tea. Cardi says she instigates things. Tara starts with first impressions. She says when Cardi attends business meetings she doesn’t want them staring at her assets. Cardi wants them to focus on her boobs instead of her crooked teeth. Tara shows them how to speak clearly by exercising their tongue. Cardi says her man’s incarcerated, she hasn’t exercised her mouth in a long time.


Mariah‘s a good daughter. She takes her mom to court. She’s not sure what’s going to happen because it’s not her mom’s first offense. Despite all her problems, Mariah says she’s still loves her mom. She’s carrying her future baby sister or brother. Her mom was willing to go to jail for 90 days in order to get Mariah’s rent money back. Mariah says no amount of money is worth her mom’s freedom. The judge postponed her mom’s sentencing for a year so her mom won’t have the baby in jail. Mariah and her mom have a bonding moment. 

BBOD showdown. Lexxy‘s tired of Moe. She doesn’t give a damn about anyone, but herself. She meets with Moe‘s dad. He’s the only person who can get through to her. Lexxy says she appreciates everything Moe‘s dad, DB, has done for her. She expresses her concern over Moe‘s selfishness. DB says her daughter’s head has gotten so big, it can’t fit through the door. DB  says Moe doesn’t listen to anything he says. Moe walks through the door surprised. Moe says if Lexxy has a problem she needs to talk to her. Not her dad. She doesn’t want her dad to know their business. Props to Lexxy for finally standing up for herself. Moe‘s pissed her dad is siding with Lexxy. Lexxy realizes she needs to go solo. Moe says she doesn’t need anyone to be successful.



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