Farrah Abraham Blasts MTV’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ for Giving Her A Trashy Reputation Not Her Sex Tape!

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Farrah Abraham Trashy Collage

If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed that Farrah Abraham was flexing her comedic chops, on last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG. Abraham was invited to an upscale party by her business partner, only to be erased from the Hamptons guest list, after being deemed unacceptably controversial. Hilariously, Farrah blamed her TV gig on MTV’s Teen Mom OG, for the gasp-worthy cut. When she got news of the diss, Farrah commented,

“I don’t understand people acting or treating me like this, because of my association with Teen Mom.  A lot of people perceive me as trashy, low-class, whatever, because of Teen Mom, and other Teen Moms.” 

Her mother Deborah rightly pegged her backdoor porn movie, which Farrah immediately dismissed, noting the success of Kim Kardashian. Farrah inadvertently slipped, and allowed MTV a peek into her end game…success a la Kim K. Sigh.

The fun had just begun, because later in the show, we learn of Farrah’s plan to crash the shindig, and claim her spot as “the star of the party.” She explains her motive to challenge her hosts to a class-duel, and her expectation of striking fear into those who dare misunderstand her upscale truth. Farrah blasted “adult entertainment people” for writing terrible things about her, because she “overcame the adult entertainment, and has  moved forward from it.” This is when the dialogue triggered roaring laughter from most viewers. Well DONE MTV! 

Producer Heather steps in it, and pegs the sex tape as the issue. Farrah goes off, reeling off hilarious and um, delusional excuses. Keep in mind, her anti-Teen Mom rant was directed at her producer.

“There was nothing of that tape said. It’s because I am part of the Teen Mom cast.  So I cannot help that my association with a show that has many other people who do not conduct themselves the same way as I.  It’s about the mom controversial stuff.  I give Sophia $600 for losing a tooth.”

“The Teen Mom s**t is just embarrassing to me.  All of that drama, negativity, please, I don’t want it.  For me to not go the Hamptons?  I deserve to be here, hell, I lived that life.  I keep it classy, like I keep it top notch.  I am a great, fun happy person.” 

Has Farrah missed all of the glitzy red carpet shots of Teen Mom 2’s resident trash box, Jenelle Evans? The saga ends with Farrah and Deborah crashing the event, and getting tossed out on their classy butts. 

Farrah chose to wear a glaringly tacky dress and a hot pink headpiece, just to be sure that no one missed her elite presence. Her parting shot? “I’m just happy that I’m better than all that s**t, and that wasn’t a party that even mattered.  I am so damn fabulous that no one knows what to do.  I actually feel like I am so much more important now, because I did that.”

Farrah Abraham in the Hamptons_Teen Mom OG

During the after show, the other Teen Moms weakly defended their co-star, rather than addressing her claims that they are killing her rep. Maybe Farrah does strike terror, wherever she goes!  The season has just begun, and Farrah has kicked off the trashy fun in epic form.  Teen Mom airs Monday nights. 


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