Sheree Whitfield Dishes On Bob Whitfield, Miami Debacle & Kenya Moore on #WWHL

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On tonight’s Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted The Real Housewives of Atlanta original, Sheree Whitfield and The View’s Sherri Shepherd. Sheree sported a wavy bob with blonde highlights and looked très chic.

We saw a clip of The Real Housewives of Potomac wherein Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger tried to out-bitch each other over Gizelle upstaging Karen at her own birthday party. Etiquette was breached. Feelings were hurt. Game on!

Next, we got Sheree’s unfiltered thoughts on what’s been happening in Atlanta so far. Since Sheree doesn’t throw the word “friend” around loosely, she’s putting Kenya Moore in the enemy camp for right now. She hopes Cynthia Bailey can mend things with her husband, Papa Smurf. As far as Don Juan is concerned, Sheree thinks he’s been protecting his girl, Kandi Burruss, and he’ll do whatever it takes to have her back. She was shocked that the incident between Porsha Williams and Cynthia got so out of control on the booze cruise. And lastly, she didn’t feel threatened by Glen Rice Jr. during the Miami trip. In fact, Sheree thought he and Kenya “were going back and forth in a playful, banter-like…almost like flirting.”

Andy grilled Sherri on her opinion of all things The View, including Nene Leakes’ claim that the hosts were mean girls. Sherri said,

“I thought Raven [Simone] was actually very nice, but I now there was backstory with Nene and Raven before they even got to the table.” Hmmm.

On the Whoopi/Rosie power struggle, Sherri considers them two alphas who didn’t play well together. And as far as that petition to kick Raven off the show, Sherri thinks that only bolstered Raven’s standing, securing her place at the table.

Andy asked the status of Chateau Sheree (the ten thousand square foot home Sheree has been building for the past several years).

“It’s not completed. It’s almost done. It’s taken time. It’s my baby…before I present it to everybody it’s going to be perfect.”

Sheree did note that she’s further along than Kenya’s transformation of Moore Manor. Considering all the years she’s had, that’s not surprising. Sherri quipped that she had a few cousins fresh out of jail who could get Chateau Sheree up and running lickety-split.

A caller asked Sheree how she stays looking so young. She put it down to lots of water, exercise, and getting rid of stress.

Andy asked if Kim Fields was fitting in with her fellow peach-holders. Sherri thought Kim was “a breath of fresh air, but she cries a lot.” Sheree liked her, too, but didn’t think Kim fit in well with the other ladies.

A caller asked about Sheree’s ex, Bob.

“Yes, he has totally stepped up, and we’re doing really well.”

When it came to the broken friendship between Phaedra Parks and Kandi, Sheree said,

“It’s kind of weird getting into business with your friends. I know they were really close at one time, so I feel kind of bad they’re going through this.”

She declined to take sides on whether Phaedra owes Todd money or whether Todd owes Phaedra a video.

The last time Sherri Shepherd was on WWHL, she and Kendra didn’t gel. Sherri put it down to her fasting and wished Kenya nothing but the best. As for tonight’s family reunion in Detroit, Sherri had sympathy for Kenya, hoping she and her mother would soon reconcile.

Our game of the night came in the form of judging Golden Globe fashions. Celebs who got a thumbs up: Melissa McCarthy, Will and Jada Smith, Laverne Cox, Jennifer Lawrence, Lady Gaga, and Jane Fonda. Thumbs down for Katy Perry and her lack of a bra. Not much of a game, really, but Sherri and Sheree won Mazel umbrellas anyway.

So do you agree there’s been a shocking lack of Sheree these past few episodes? And do you think she’ll ever finish the house?


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