‘Mob Wives’ War! Drita D’Avanzo Attacks Karen Gravano – Accuses Her Being a Rat!

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Drita-Davanzo and Karen Fight_Mob Wives

On the eve of the epic Mob Wives season six premiere, on Wednesday (Jan 13) the ladies are in heavy promotion mode.

Drita D’Avanzo took to her Instagram today, (Jan 11) to kick off the pre-show festivities, by attacking her arch nemesis of the season, Karen Gravano! The insider tea is that Karen and Drita are no longer friends, and will go head-to-head this season, in an explosive final showdown.  

According to Drita, her costar Karen, allegedly reached out to a media outlet, to float a story about Drita’s ex-con husband, Lee D’Avanzo, and an alleged recent arrest. Drita, who denies the rumor, offered no proof to back up her claims about Lee or Karen. Her Instagram post was illustrated with an ancient mugshot of Karen. The post is captioned,

“This Rat called a blog n asked them 2 post a story that my husband was arrested. It’s not true so it wasn’t posted but u got caught being a lying sneaky rat. U don’t exist in my home u irrelevant Dildo. N 4 some 1 that’s blocked u sure respond quick. Stop stalking n Go back into hiding in the witness protection program where u belong. The attention u give me n Lee should go towards ur mustache.#MobSlob #MissMustache #Stalker #FatalAttraction #SingleWhiteFemale mother fu$ka #MyNumberOneFan.”


A ‘MobWives’ source snitched to All About the Tea that Drita has been salty all season, because of her former pal, Carla Facciolo’s return to the show. Carla comes back for the show’s final season, and teams up with Drita’s enemies, Renee and Karen.

Again, Drita posted her accusations with no proof to back up her claims, so I would file this one under “promo for the new season.”

Karen didn’t respond directly Drita’s accusations, but instead tweeted, “Get Ready for #mobwivesseason6 it’s about to get REAL even the fake stories can’t deflect the TRUTH #thelaststand #unbothered”

As reported, the upcoming season will be insane! Trouble is brewing, and some of the women on the show are trying to have Drita D’Avanzo bumped off, and are refusing to film with her. In fact, tensions are running so high, that sources are saying that producers have hired bodyguards, in case a tussle or even an all-out brawl occurs, while filming.

“There has been security hired while they film, and they’ve had to hold Drita back multiple times,” the source told Confidential. “They are trying to push her off the show and she is aware of what’s going on. At the beginning of filming there was a concerted effort to not film with her. Then, it turned to fighting.”

Season 6 will feature regular cast members, Renee Graziano, Karen Gravano, Angela “Big Ang” Raiola and former cast member, Carla Faccolia, along with two rookie additions, Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty.

Renee detests Drita, and the conflict escalated to the point where Renee chose to quit the show, at the halfway point, citing “health reasons.” Renee did return, and an insider dishes, “People are choosing sides. Big Ang was trying to keep the peace, but she is slowly gravitating towards Renee too.”

The final season will cover a wide range of life tales, including writing a personal tell-all, dealing with a challenging teen, battling cancer, coping with an imprisoned father, and a struggle to reveal an authentic self, in the face of adjustment challenges. These ladies are known for much more than their mob connections. They are mothers, businesswomen, and career risk takers, and they are putting it all on the line, one last time.  Local newcomers will bust on the scene, and viewers should expect fireworks!

Don’t miss ‘Mob Wives‘ sixth and final season premier on Wednesday, Jan 13 on VH1.


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