Kathy Hilton Warns Lisa Vanderpump Not to “Poke” Kyle Richards Or She’ll Snitch! #RHOBH

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Kathy Hilton dipped her toe into the Bravo drama, after the last episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

During a cast trip to the Hamptons, Kyle Richards was seen launching a veiled threat, prompted by Lisa Vanderpump asking questions about her sister, Kim RichardsKim had just been arrested, following a bizarre shoplifting spree at a local Target. Kyle brought the subject up, but immediately bristled at Lisa V’s questions, commenting in a talking head, 

“Do you want me to talk about your stuff that you don’t want me to talk about?  Because I CAN, if you want me to go there.” 

Kathy responded to the episode, tweeting,

Kathy and her sister Kyle continue to struggle in a publicly contentious relationship. Disagreements over how to manage their addict sister, as well as Kyle’s involvement in a TV series based on their childhood, likely top the  list of family gripes. 

The family tea spilled over on Bravo, when Kyle shared about her struggle to be included in Kathy’s daughter, Nicky Hilton’s wedding. The Umansky diss was explained away as a business grudge between Mauricio and Rick Hilton, but most believe that the real answer lies with the ladies. Kathy alluded to such, and also shared her strategy for weathering the public conflict. 

Kyle has a reputation for spilling family secrets on the Bravo reality show, as well as on social media. Kathy appears to be subtly blasting her baby sis for being a blabbermouth, even accusing a certain squealer of planting stories. 

How will the behind the scenes drama play out, as the season unfolds? Stay tuned!


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