Fans Blast Tamra Judge for Sloppy and Unprofessional Cut Fitness Promo Flyer! #RHOC

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Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge, is working to cash in on all of those 2016 fitness resolutions, with a Cut Fitness promotion push. Judge is advertising via a cringe-worthy flyer, and recently posted the creation on Instagram. The flyer is not only riddled with errors, it appears to be written by a third grader. 

Judge’s followers noticed, and blasted her for her sloppy attempt at advertising. The flyer captioned, “Are you ready to start the new year with peer support, smart and effective training and just the right amount of motivation to help you be successful in your pursuit to a healthy you this year? Reserve your spot today. Try us out. First visit is FREE. We promise you will love it! Visit Choose your date and time and click on the reserve button. Or, call 949.284.0172 #iamcutfitness.”

Tamra Judge _RHOC

Tamra blames her “marketing” team for missing ONE typo, explaining via a caption, “Yes we are aware there is a typo (marketing overlooked it) honestly if you’re more worried about a typo then your health…..that’s the real problem.”

Judge promises to “build confidence in your fitness efforts with a personlized Heart Rate Activity device.”

Tamra describes the fitness studio’s mission as one “dedicated to changing each one of our members lives one at a time.”

The snazzy but stupid flyer promises to help members “loose the fat.”

Her followers chimed in, with their opinion on the messy marketing move, and points out a familiar pattern, in Tamra’s response.    

“Duh..more than one typo! Also, in your comment, it’s “than,” not “then!” Botox messing with your brain much?? You and your dumb husband are two fakes.”

“Another typo….It’s “than” your health, not “then”…lol”

“I don’t think people are more worried about a typo than health, it’s more a question of professionalism. Maybe it’s time to switch marketing companies”

It looks like the self-professed dim bulb, Tammy Sue, may be the head of marketing at Cut Fitness! Eddie needs to hire a proofreader, STAT.

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