Blind Item: His Costly Addiction Is Out of Control

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*All About the Tea Exclusive*

There is a secret struggle going on off-camera in TV-Land. 

This reality husband is a real ace, but a big loser when it comes to keeping cash in his pocket. His teen-beat years were happy ones, and he later landed in a love affair, that was more than enough. The soapy fling turned into the real deal, but now has been lobbed into turmoil, due to a costly addiction that is raging out of control. 

Arguments about money are frequent, as the distracted hubby rolls the dice for his next adrenaline rush. The wife has witnessed her man grow from a nosy peeker, into a full-fledged seeker, flushing thousands away while staying glued to the stats. 

This wild card partner serves excuses, but his wife is always restless with worry. The deck is stacked against the pair, but no one truly knows how this hand will play out. 

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