‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown’s Baby Overdue: Will Season 7 Feature New Brown Arrival?

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Sister Wives_Robyn and Kody

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown, is officially overdue, as her January 7th due date, has come and gone. The new little polygamy-born princess is taking her own sweet time, perhaps nervous about facing the awaiting mob on the Brown cul-de-sac. 

Fans of the show may remember the last Brown arrival, little Prince Solomon, who was delivered at home, and with TLC cameras filming the gory fun. Does the spring return of the plural hijinks mean that the camera guys are parked by their phones, waiting for an “it’s time!” phone call?

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Here’s a look at a pregnancy flashback moment, that is likely reflective of Robyn’s reality today. 

What a difference a second KodyRobyn baby makes! A couple of seasons ago, viewers watched Robyn offer her uterus as a rental space to the barren  Mare, after Solomon made his debut. We watched Meri cradle the newborn, and seemingly consider the offer, treasuring the emotional moment with wife #4. Now Robyn is top dog, and Mare has been publicly disgraced, after being kicked out of the top spot. 

While Robyn basks in her repositioned motherhood, Meri has to deal with her fate as a needy, yet recommitted member of the Brown cult. Season 7 promises to be packed full of TLC Robyn-love, despite overwhelming fan disdain for Kody’s obviously favored harem member. Madison’s wedding plans will also likely take center stage, multiplying, not dividing, an increasingly monogamous  vibe. What direction do you think TLC will take the Browns in Season 7?


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