Mama Joyce Confronts Phaedra Parks Over Stressing Out Her Pregnant Daughter Kandi Burruss! [VIDEO]

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The southern drama continues on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and tonight we will see one-third of the old lady gang #OLG pull out her inner gangsta’ when confronting Phaedra Parks.

The friendship between Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks has been strained, and in an exclusive clip, Kandi’s mom, Joyce, steps in to confront Parks. Mama Joyce is uncharacteristically cool, as she goes to bat for her pregnant daughter. Phaedra comments

“I am definitely not going to be ready to discuss the past with Mama Joyce, because she has been known to become heated in an argument.” 

That comment was followed by the wedding boutique brawl flashback, where MJ had to be restrained. However, Mama Joyce is the picture of calm, when she quietly states,

“You and Porsha were saying some things….this pregnancy, because it’s kind of a high-risk, and I don’t want her [Kandi] to get stressed-out, or emotionally unbalanced about anything.  I would never want anyone to do anything to hurt her.” 

Phaedra pulls out her reassuring umm hmms, but if looks could kill, Parks would be face down on the floor!


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