‘Alaskan Bush People’ $27K Government Scam Exposed!

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What is going on in our Nation with regards to the government excessively pursuing our citizens? You’d have to be in a coma to not have heard about the aptly named, “Making a Murderer” docuseries which takes place in Wisconsin about a (twice) wrongly convicted man.

Then there’s the Oregon standoff at a wildlife refuge on behalf of a father and son sentenced to prison for burning brush on federal land, serving a year, then being told by a judge it wasn’t enough, and sentenced to four more years. Add to that the Brown family of the reality show, Alaskan Bush People.

Patriarch Billy Brown, 63, is accused of allegedly helping himself to $27,000 from the State of Alaska. Late last year, Brown was charged with 24 counts of unsworn falsification and theft. According to the Alaskan government, he lied on official government applications regarding residency. When you live in Alaska, the state uses funds from an oil revenue to pay residents an annual fee to live there. Sources say in 2014 that amount per eligible resident was $1,884.

Court documents also reveal, the Alaskan District Court also charged Brown’s wife, Ami Brown with 8 counts; son Josh “Bam Bam” Brown with 6; Solomon “Bear” Brown with 8; Gabe Brown with 8; and Noah Brown with 6 counts of unsworn falsification and theft.

The government believes the reality TV family faked being Alaskan citizens for four years in order to get receive the dividend checks from the government. They say the Browns’ all lived in the lower 48 states for much of that time. The assigned judge has said he’ll “ensure” that the Browns will be punished.

Their next scheduled court appearance is January 11, 2016.


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