Yolanda Foster CAUTIONS Fans With Graphic Breast Implant Photo Months After Discovery #RHOBH

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Yolanda Foster_RHOBH

Yolanda Foster’s cryptic battle for her health continues to play out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stage. 

Last week, Bravo pushed viewers through a graphic implant removal surgery scene, and an undercover culprit stole the show. Bravo cameras captured the surgeon hauling out a bloody, leaking silicone implant, and as the doc slapped the toxic blob onto a table, we all gasped in unison.

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Did you miss the episode? NO problem, because Yolanda has posted another closeup shot of her latest A-HA moment, on her Instagram page.


The post is captioned, ”CAUTION… BREAST IMPLANTS may or may not cause major health issues–Please educated yourself, research the toxicity and side effects of Silicone Breast Implants……if it’s not natural, it’s probably not meant to be in your body.”

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Yolanda’s bloody baby is lovingly sandwiched between a glamor shot of daughter Bella, and a poetic sunset shot, symbolizing her “journey.” Well done indeed….glamorous, reflective, AND gross.  Yolanda has repeatedly claimed that her mission is to spread awareness about chronic Lyme disease. So why did she synchronize the bloody Instagram reveal with a reality television show? The implant jackpot discovery was announced almost six months ago.


A posed sickie-pic can’t wait…but the “CAUTION” photo was delayed until a reality show aired. Bravo and Yolanda Foster…a shady match made in Lemon Heaven.


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