Teresa Giudice’s Cellmate Spills The Tea — She Broke Down & Cried A Lot!

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Teresa Giudice_RHONJ

Teresa Giudice is a free woman – for the most part. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star still has that pesky ankle bracelet to remind her of the past year’s nightmare, but she’s finally able to start putting all that behind her. Or so she thought. Her cellmate is revealing details about the personal hell of Teresa’s incarceration.

Deseree Bradshaw was also in the clink for bank fraud and reportedly a cellmate of Teresa’s for the first six months while serving time on the Real Housewives of Danbury Federal Corrections Institution.

“She really cried a lot,” Bradshaw told Life & Style magazine. When Giudice first arrived she struggled to record her name for the prison phone system. “She broke down and cried about that.”

“A lot of times at night she would cry in her cell, about how much she missed tucking her kids in.”

But it wasn’t just missing her kids that got to Teresa, according to Bradshaw it was the disgusting bathroom conditions.

Teresa “didn’t understand how women could be so nasty.”

And if that weren’t enough to tolerate, Teresa was also reportedly hit on by the other inmates.

“Some of the girls would say she was pretty and ‘had pretty teeth,’ but Giudice just laughed their advances off.”

Though when it came to inmates fighting, Teresa was not laughing. According to Bradshaw when the reality star witnessed her first fight “She ran away and was like ‘Oh my God they’re fighting! Go get help!’”

Apparently there was one topic off limits for Teresa with her new friends and that was her marriage. If any of the inmates brought up Joe Giudice’s cheating, Teresa insisted, “It’s just a big lie.”


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