Facelift Wanted! Teresa Giudice Is Worried About Her Haggard & Run Down Face “Wants Her Old Face Back” #RHONJ

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Teresa Giudice wants needs a free facelift!

The newly freed Real Housewives of New Jersey felon was released from prison on December 23, 2015 after serving a mere 11.5 months of a 15-month prison sentence. Since her release, the reality diva has been spotted galavanting around New Jersey and one glaring change has been her post-prison face.

The noticeably haggard and run down face of Giudice, 43, has been a hot topic for many onlookers. The new appearance is not the same face the RHONJ star entered prison with.

A source has come forward to reveal that the felon princess is not happy and thinks her face looks “haggard” and “10-years older.” 

Teresa attributes her haggard appearance to the mental strain of serving almost a year in prison for fraud, which kept her from her usual beauty regimes (Botox and Fillers).

“She’s especially concerned with laugh lines by her mouth,” an insider tells Us Weekly “She wants her old face back.… She’s eager to get Botox and fillers.”

Giudice doesn’t have the luxury of getting her usual cosmetic tune-ups since she’s under house arrest until February 5. She must play by the rules and follow all orders from her parole officer or risk going back to prison. All her movements are monitored by an electronic ankle bracket she wears at all times. Only pre-approved outings by her parole officer are allowed. 

“She also said she’s lost a lot of hair because of the stress over the past year,” adds the pal. “It is still long, but it’s thinner. She’s hoping it will come back now that she’s home.”

Adds the source, “[Teresa’s] finally getting back to life as it was and is thrilled to be ‘almost free.’”

Below is a side-by-side comparison of Teresa’s present face and the former. Do you think Teresa looks different? Tell us what you think.

Teresa Giudice Comparsion_RHONJ


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