OC Wedding Bells! Tamra Judge’s Ex Husband Simon Barney Engaged

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Simon Barney is engaged! The ex-husband to Real Housewife of Orange County star, Tamra Judge, will be marrying his long-time girlfriend, Catushia Ienni, who is 16-years younger than he is at 35-years old.

Simon, 51, was always one who tried to parent Tamra while they were married, wonder if he’s changed. Of course he hasn’t. But maybe “Cat” appreciates a man who picks out her wardrobe and tells her how to act, as Tamra claimed was his nature.

The lucky lady has been by Barney’s side for four years and multiple contentious custody battles. However insiders are saying Barney originally proposed1½ years ago, but kept it a secret all this time. So why the announcement now? Hopefully Barney isn’t gearing up for another round of custody court hearings. Maybe this New Year brings a new attitude. Again, I’m kidding.

Tamra moved on with her life several years ago when she married the younger and hotter and much less controlling, Eddie Judge, on June 2013.


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