Teresa Giudice’s $551K IRS Debt Remains Unpaid While Her Luxury Reality Continues!

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Teresa Giudice has re-entered society, and the Real Housewives of New Jersey star has hit the ground running. In the flurry of the holidays, flashing cameras, and luxury vehicles, many have forgotten that the released felon owes $551k to the I.R.S. The Giudice couple bilked the U.S. government for nine years, and with Teresa’s husband Joe soon leaving to serve his prison time, the debt falls on the mother of four. 

The reality diva has already paid $414k in restitution, and now has to bust it  for Bravo, in order knock down the I.R.S. bill. We have already seen Teresa flaunting her clothes, and prancing around in her new vehicle. 

Bravo cameras have documented her reunion with her family, as well as some cozy canoodling with her cast mates. It is safe to assume that her right-hand legal eagle is working to appease the government, and guide his favorite  client into freeing herself from the federal debt.

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Reportedly that Teresa is scoring $750k from her prison diary book, and is making $500k for the upcoming season of Housewives. She remains under house arrest, but is free to leave her home to work.  She has the means to significantly knock down the debt, but will she choose to go without, in order to quickly shrink what she owes?  I am not holding my breath. 


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