Phaedra Parks Is Pissed At Kandi & Todd Over The Workout Video Drama! “This Has Become an Attack on My Character”

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta has a history of husbands getting involved in lady drama. But in the case of Todd Tucker and the Missing Check, Kandi Burruss’s husband may have a point. When Phaedra Parks was pregnant with Mr. President, she shot a workout video, and Todd’s company produced it. But Todd claims he didn’t get full payment and wants his cash. Phaedra, on the other hand, is crying foul.

“The issue of me owing money to Todd Tucker for production of a prenatal workout video has gotten completely misrepresented and needlessly become the source of harsh feelings.”

’Splain it to us, Lady Lawyer.

“Let me set the record straight for those who lack the necessary rudiments. First of all, this business matter is between TTucker Productions and Nida Fitness. Nida Fitness is co-owned by me and my husband. Nida Fitness hired TTucker Productions to produce a prenatal fitness video. Post-production on the video was never completed and therefore the final payment was not made.”

Now here’s where it gets tricky. Todd claims he won’t release the video until Phaedra has paid him in full. Meanwhile, Phaedra says she needs a product in her hand before she’ll hand over the check. I believe legal scholars call this the “you’ve got chocolate in my peanut butter” defense.

“After I became aware that this matter was circulating the rumor mill, as a professional businesswoman, I invited Todd to come to my office to discuss. In good faith, I wrote him a check for half of the outstanding balance. Presently, I am still waiting on the final cut. Upon receipt of a commercially acceptable, finished product, I will cut the final check.”

Phaedra also has her spanx in knot because everyone is talking behind her back.

“It is disconcerting to see that Todd opted to discuss the matter with everyone, except the business owners of Nida Fitness; thereby turning this business matter into a personal attack and assault on my character.”

For now, she has the final say.

“Everybody knows that the final payment follows the final deliverable.”

So whose side are you on? Should Todd hand over the product? Or should Phaedra cough up the cash?


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