Kim Richards On Edge As Ex-Husband Monty Brinson’s Nears The End of Cancer Battle

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Sad news is looming for Kim Richards. Sources are saying that her beloved friend and ex-husband, Monty Brinson, is “nearing the end of his cancer battle.” Friends and family close to the reality star fear his death could push Kim to relapse. 

“Kim has been by Monty’s side since he was diagnosed and when he passes she is going to be devastated,” a source told Radar. “Everyone is worried that his death will compromise her sobriety, since she is just so newly sober.”

Monty Brinson has bravely been fighting stage-4 lung cancer and brain tumors, but recently his health reached a crisis point after a stroke one month earlier. Monty had been staying at Kathy and Rick Hilton’s home, but this prompted hospitalization.

“He is not even able to walk on his own,” said other ex-wife, Terri Doss, revealing he is paralyzed and “not of sound mind.”

So far, Kim has completed 60 days of sobriety. The Richards’ family is “praying for (Monty’s) health and praying that Kim makes it through the heartbreaking situation.”


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