RECAP: Love & Hip Hop New York “The Bald And The Beautiful” [Season 6, Episode 4]

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Tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop New York returns with DJ Self’s love triangle gone wrong…Yorma and Cardi ripping each other’s weave out! The catfight is brutal and Mariah is pissed they brought their drama to her birthday party. It takes a gang of security guards to pry the ladies apart. Cardi is ushered out of the building by security to an awaiting SUV. She’s pissed everyone has their hands on her so she breaks the window of the SUV out. DJ Self knows he screwed up. He wants to straighten things up right now. 


Yorma is upset. She tells Self off, and walks away. She doesn’t even want him to touch her.


Moe doesn’t feel bad about Rah Ali quitting. She meets Lexxi to talk about their single release party. Lexxi got Rah to finish planning their release party. Moe’s in a good mood because her “Boo came back.” Her boyfriend is a producer. He likes their music, and might be interested in working with them. When Lexxi breaks the news about Rah finishing the single release event she takes the news pretty well. She says she’s not against anyone working with them if it benefits the group. She’s skeptical about Rah, but Lexxi is optimistic.


Rich takes his daughter Ashley out to eat because she’s been doing well. Ashley wants to go shopping. Rich is enjoying his time with his daughter, but he realizes raising a teenager isn’t all rainbows and  butterflies. Ashley asks for her dad’s credit card so she can go shopping for clothes. She offers to get some shirts for her dad because he needs to “get his swag on.” Rich says no. She doesn’t need clothes, and he definitely doesn’t need new clothes. Ashley has a surprise. She got her belly button pierced. Ashley says she doesn’t need permission to get a body piercing. She’s sixteen! Ashley’s mom nagging Rich because Ashley doesn’t go to church. Rich says this is what he gets for being the cool dad. He wants Ashley’s mom to trust him when she’s serving her mission in the Dominican Republic. He’s going to have to start being daddy drill sergeant.

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Mariah meets with Cardi after World War 3 broke out at her birthday party. Cardi says the only reason she got physical because Yorma got all up in her face. She’s pissed because DJ Self is a liar. She has problems when people mess with her money. She calls DJ Self her “side dude.” Mariah loves Cardi’s attitude. She doesn’t cry over men. Mariah says Cardi needs to work things out with Self. Self benefits her career. Mariah says they have chemistry. Cardi realizes needs Self’s contacts. She doesn’t need to put out for Self to put her music on the radio. Cardi wants Mariah to spill the tea on her relationship with Rich. She gives the simple (and short) version. Mariah says Rich is messy as Hell, but he knows the business. She’s basically using him to work her way up the ladder. They don’t need men.


Cisco has been doing a lot of soul-searching. He’s been focusing on music to get his mind off his latest breakup. He’s decided recently to open his heart up, and let someone in. It happens to be Moe. They’ve been hanging out for a few months, but they’ve been taking their relationship slow. Moe gives him the rundown on her blowup with Rah Ali. Cisco says when he saw her on Rah’s Instagram the producer in him noticed her raw talent. He was hoping Rah would take them in the right direction. Cisco made some promises. He promised to produce a song, and to make BBOD his priority. She thinks he got distracted with her hot body. Cisco says they developed a bond. He’s going to be Moe’s date to their release party, but he’s not ready to meet her family.

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So, Ashley’s mom is back in NYC to take her home. Rich walks in, and he’s shocked. Her mom isn’t happy with Ashley’s new piercing. She’s also mad Ashley hasn’t been to church. Rich says that’s not what he’s about. She went to church enough when she lived with her mom. Rich says he’s been playing daddy, so Ashley’s mom can go to the Dominican Republic. Mom says she’s not leaving the country when her daughter is getting piercings. Rich says the piercing isn’t a big deal. The decision is final. Ashley’s going home.

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Cisco‘s excited to get back to music. He has a new client coming in, and he’s excited. His client is Mariah. She’s tired of waiting for Rich Dollaz to help her career. She took matters into her own hands. She’s getting down to business. Mariah tells Cisco a little about herself. Cisco says they have some things in common and their 10-minute convo connects them on a deeper level. He hopes to collaborate on music and other things. Mariah says they need to hang out and get to know each other.

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DJ Self says ever since the fight he’s been feeling like a real creep. He realizes he took Yorma for granted. He sees how much she cares about him. He’s trying to make things right one step at a time. He needs to tell Cardi their hanky-panky relationship is over. He also owes her an apology. He finds her in the studio hanging out with a bunch of guys. Cardi isn’t mad. She’s ferocious. Cardi gives him a piece of her mind. Cardi warns Self about bringing Yorma to her events. “When a girl has beef with me. She has beef with me forever.” Cardi says Self forgets she’s crazy. She doesn’t accept his apology. She’s tired of Self playing her. She needs more than an apology. She sets some new ground rules.


Cisco is getting his Rico Suave on for a very special lady. Mariah walks through the door all dressed up. Cisco says Mariah made a big impression. He wants to take their relationship beyond producer/artist. He hasn’t been able to get her off his mind. Mariah says she thought they were going to get a drink and make some music. Candlelight dinner is above and beyond, but she likes it. Mariah has to come clean about a few things before they go any further. She admits she had a relationship with Rich. Cisco says Rich is a sore subject ever since he went behind Cisco’s back, and broke the bro code. He’s not going to let Rich ruin whatever he has going on with Mariah. They go watch the view, and Cisco puts the moves on Mariah. He kisses her. Mariah says making out with Cisco is good for her career, and he’s sexy.

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DJ Self is live on the radio doing his day job. He’s been thinking about how he can win Yorma back. He set up a very special edition of “Topic Time.” The topic is “How to get your girlfriend back after you did them dirty.” He sent a car to pick up Yorma, and he wrote her a note. He asks her to listen to the radio at a certain time. Self explains what went down at Mariah’s birthday party. At first he uses “my friend.” Then he admits “the friend” is actually him. He apologizes to Yorma on the radio. Then he apologizes to “the other girl” for what happened, but Yorma is his girlfriend. He admits his mistake. Yorma didn’t think he would ever announce her name on the radio. Self says he has no problem admitting his mistakes to the public, and expressing his feelings for Yorma. The car pulls up to the radio station, and he gets in. She forgives him, and she’s not ready to let him go.


It’s time to party. BBOD is having their single release party. Lexxi says Rah has brought out the entire industry to check them out. Moe says this better go off without a hitch. Rah shuts down any future with BBOD. Moe’s dad is impressed. Moe admits Rah did a great job, but Lexxi better not get any ideas about working with Rah again. Mariah arrives with DJ Self. He brought her so she could rub elbows with others in the industry. He also wants her to watch the girls perform, and maybe learn some things. Mariah is happy she could come out and support BBOD. She’s also happy to see her man candy Cisco.


Cisco is focused on being a good date for Moe. Cisco is flirting with Moe. Mariah interrupts. He tries to play it cool. Mariah introduces herself. She asks if Moe/Cisco are working together. Moe says no, he’s my boo. Moe says Cisco is supposed to be working with them, but Mariah puts him on blast! Moe doesn’t take it well and blows up on both of them. She creates a big dramatic scene and then orders security escort the pair out. Bye Cisco…bye Mariah!


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