Lisa Vanderpump Dishes on Lyme Gate “All Issues Are Up for Discussion”

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Lisa Vanderpump_RHOBH

The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsLisa Vanderpump has a menagerie on her hands. In the previous episode, she added two miniature horses to the stable of growing pets, and last week she adopted another Pomeranian. But it was Hanky, the sickly swan, who got the lion’s share of attention recently.

“He had lost his appetite…he had endured x-rays, blood tests, and had been diagnosed with a stomach infection. Force feeding was the only option with a complicated prescription of antibiotics, nutrients, etc… Yes I agree, especially when I witness Hanky in my interview on my lap, it does suggest eccentricity…”

Well, at least she’s self-aware. Which is more than I can say for some other Housewives (I’m talking to you, Yolanda). But Lisa has sympathy for our Lemon-Lyme goddess.

“Nobody knew Yolanda’s physical challenges except her personally, and I had no knowledge of the children being infected also.”

And she supports Yolanda’s implant removal.

“I don’t have implants–the concept has always scared me–but if there was evidence of silicone leakage, I would extract those puppies as rapidly as I could. She doesn’t need them, and the thought of that fluid contaminating her body is awful. That has to be debilitating.”

But when it comes to talking about death and her will with the children, Lisa isn’t as understanding.

“…the future of our children would be foremost in our minds. However, maybe I wouldn’t mention it to my children, so I identified with Gigi’s reaction.”

LVP sounds a little affronted when it comes to Yolanda’s comment about the women lacking intelligence.

Kyle spoke of her experience when she was grieving and how her mental state affected her physical being. I didn’t quite understand Yolanda’s statement about intelligent women being few and far between or a rare commodity. I have many female friends that have achieved much in their lives albeit raising their families, creating businesses, etc.”

Lisa gave new Housewife Erika Jayne a little ribbing. Personally, I think she likes to the give newbies the business to see what they’re made of. Apparently, Erika passed the test.

“Meeting Erika tickled me pink. A gorgeously provocative woman who stated she was in her marriage for the long haul “otherwise she would get half!” But she coupled that with a wink, and I wondered if this bright shiny new toy could be something I would like to play with… I was intrigued.”

What do you think of Yolanda’s snarky comment? And is Lisa getting a little too crazy with all the pets?


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