Blind Item: Desperate To Marry A Certain Reality Star [Exclusive]

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Blind Item

*All About the Tea Exclusive*

This reality TV star who was once on a smash reality show, has seen her share of ups and downs lately. Her loveless mansion is broken. Her husband is preparing an extensive vacation, and she will be left with a household to run, and hungry mouths to feed. 

She is lucky to have lots of legal eagle support, and will never be alone. Her slippery protector is in love with her, and is planning to hold her up in her time of deserted need. He’s planning to leave his wife to assume the husband role, and play house with this reality princess.

He’s already a permanent fixture in this mother’s life. The defending mouthpiece has become her confidant, her cheerleader, her everything. He has dreams of marrying this reality diva after she divorces her husband.

Reality Star:



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