Receipts! Kandi Burruss Defends Todd Tucker & Proves Phaedra Parks’ Shady by Posting TV Project Proof

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Phaedra Parks and Todd Tucker hashed out their business issues on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Phaedra owes Tucker $8.4k, based on a written agreement hiring Tucker to produce a workout DVD, a production that was featured on the show. Phaedra donned her professional persona during the sit-down, but brazenly snarked against Tucker in her talking head interviews. Phaedra commented,

“Poor Todd!  He must be scrounging around the couch cushions for spare change, and rummaging through the ashtrays for quarters, since I heard that his L.A. tv projects are all dried up.  Or maybe his weekly allowance from Miss Kandi isn’t keeping him afloat anymore.” 

“Well it’s my name on this video, so I’ll be the one who says when it’s done, and that’s when little Todd Tucker can collect his check….thank you.”

Tucker, aided by Bravo flashbacks, busted Phaedra for several blatant lies during the revealing scene. Todd’s wife, Kandi Burruss responded, via a detailed explanation posted on her Instagram account, in response to a questioning viewer.   

Kandi Burruss Responds RHOA

Kandi has a history of being burned by collaborating wth friends, and still speaks of allegedly being ripped off by then co-star, Kim Zolciak, in their joint Don’t Be Tardy for the Party, music project. 

Last week, Kandi tweeted the status of her friendship with Phaedra was “cool.” But Kandi’s live tweeting of last night’s episode clarified that the southern belle would have had her DVD years ago if she made the final payment.

Todd also addressed Phaedra’s baseless accusations that his company, Tucker Productions, had dwindling projects in 2015. Todd took to his Instagram page and posted proof of his success over the past year, “I just want to say to the TTP team we had a great 2015!! Three shows three different networks MTV, Bravo and TVOne. Production logo credit and Executive Producer Credit! People lie but credits don’t! Check the credits!” his post captioned along with the following photo collage of completed ventures.

Phaedra has still not paid Tucker, which comes as no surprise to those who believe her to be a morally corrupt criminal. Have we witnessed the death of the friendship between Phaedra and Kandi? It’s gotta hurt to learn that your bond is not worth more than $8k. 


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