Don’t Drop The Soap! Joe Giudice Prison Threats Revealed — As He Prepares For 3.5 Year Sentence!

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Don’t drop the soap! It appears we now know where Teresa Giudice’s husband Joe will be checking in to begin his part of the punishment phase for fraud. Juicy Joe’s 41-month sentence will start at FCI Fort Dix. No word if Apollo Nida, who is currently assigned there, will be Joe’s bunk-buddy.

Insiders are reporting that the facility will be “no walk in the park.” The once military base is about 1 ½ from Montville, NJ, and will be a completely different environment for the reality star than was for is wife. For starters, Fort Dix’s population is 196,850. Danbury was a mere fraction of this. And as for the types of people Joe will be rubbing elbows with, here are the top five:

  • Drug Offenses – 85,497
  • Weapons, Explosives, Arson – 31,345
  • Immigration – 17,466
  • Sex Offenses – 14,191
  • Fraud – 12,087 (Joe)

An insider told Radar, “The staff there will try to treat Joe the same as they treat everyone else, but there will be guys who latch on to him because he is famous” adding that some of “the other prisoners are going to want to test Joe because they think he’s famous.”

There is a higher rate of inmate injury at Fort Dix. “There are often fights between the male prison inmates (at Fort Dix).” The source stated, “Men are much different than women in prison because the men are not at all star struck.”

According to the source, “If Joe is caught violating the rules inside Fort Dix, he could be sent to a much less appealing facility that is further away from his family.” Or placed in solitary confinement.

As for his future digs, the source said, “Fort Dix is more of a dorm style in terms of how the prisoners are held. Instead of jail cells, they mostly all sleep in one contained area with many beds.”

Joe might want to drop the “Juicy” nickname for prison. Have fun at camp, Joe!


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