‘RHOA’ Cynthia Bailey Talks Peter Cheating, Tammy Being Knocked Out & NeNe Leakes Friendship on #WWHL

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Happy New Year, kittens! Bravo kicked off 2016 with a new episode of Watch What Happens Live. Andy Cohen hosted The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Cynthia Bailey, along with Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser.

Cynthia wore a long side pony and a black jacket with a neckline so steep, I’m now on a first name basis with both of her bresticles. We watched a montage of Cynthia’s marital ups and downs with husband, Peter. When Andy asked how her relationship with Peter is today, Cynthia said she took it “one day at a time.” Though they’ve celebrated their five-year anniversary, “it’s felt more like twenty years…I feel like we’re super, super married.” I’m not even sure what that means.

Moving on to the Miami girls’ trip moment when Glen Rice Jr. drunkenly shoved his aunt, Tammy McCall Browning, to the ground and knocked her unconscious, Bob Harper was very disturbed. “He seemed so aggressive from the very beginning…you don’t step up on a woman like that, no matter what the case may be…”

Cynthia had a slightly different take:

“I didn’t personally have an issue with him…I don’t think he intentionally pushed her. I think he was in the moment, he was moving her out-of-the-way, she slipped…”

Basically, Cynthia blamed the alcohol, but he pushed Tammy out-of-the-way to get to Kenya Moore. She was lucky security stepped in when they did.

A caller asked Cynthia why she took such offense on the booze cruise when Porsha Williams called her a bitch. After all, Nene Leakes called Peter a bitch a couple of seasons ago, and Cynthia barely batted an eye.

“…my relationship with Nene is very different relationship…Porsha and I were coming back off the reunion…we were not in a great place…there were still a lot of things going on…”

Cynthia and NeNe are at last speaking again. The walls between them started crumbling when NeNe broke down with the therapist at last year’s reunion. They started meeting up for drinks just a couple of months ago.

Newlyweds stars, Rob and Ro tended bar, and Cynthia gave them a piece of advice:

“Make sure your foundation is solid. You got to make sure you guys are on the same page…it doesn’t get any easier when you become TV people.”

So far, Cynthia’s marriage doesn’t sound like it’s in the best shape, but when the next caller asked about that video—the one where Peter groped another woman’s neck and chest—she was pretty quick to let him off the hook. “I don’t think Peter has ever cheated on me…right?”

The camera then panned to Peter, sitting in the audience. He bowed his head and smiled. But he didn’t answer. Cynthia continued:

“A lot of marriages have survived infidelities…I don’t think it’s the end of the world…I can’t just say I’d just throw in the towel over one issue. Now if he was cheating on me all over the place…obviously, that’s just disrespectful…I have never been in that situation, so I don’t know how I would react.”

When a caller asked Bob about his favorite contestant on The Biggest Loser, he didn’t hesitate. “Olivia Ward, season eleven winner…I love her. She just had a baby, and she named her Harper.”

The night’s mazel went to Lisa Vanderpump for adopting another Pomeranian with alopecia. Ahhhh.

So do you think Cynthia is turning a blind eye to Peter’s wandering body parts? She seemed to give him a lot of leeway as far as cheating goes. What’s your take?


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