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Teresa Giudice Spotted Filming #RHONJ With Melissa Gorga! Check Out Her Prison Diet Body & No Botox Face

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice, is getting back into her routine, and Bravo is basking in the joy of filming their favorite reality diva. Teresa was captured leaving a yoga class, showing off her prison physique before jumping into her shiny new $90k Lexus.  


The felon was seen filming scenes with sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, bonding as besties in spandex, downward-dogging it anew. Teresa is allowed to leave her home for “work,” so anytime the Bravo cameras are around, Teresa can carry on a normal schedule. TMZ captured the RHONJ stars out yesterday.

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Shocked viewers have been buzzing about Teresa’s new slammer-chic look. Her face has crashed, and her body has shrunk, likely a typical result of a year behind bars. No more botox, fillers or pasta, and lots of bored hours spent in the prison gym, and voila! There you have it….a weirder looking Housewife, ready to break up reality tussles with one man-hand tied behind her back. 


Melissa has not only gained a renewed sister-in-law, but possibly a trenches-trained bodyguard. A win-win!

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