Lisa Rinna Backpedals On Munchausen Allegations Concerning Yolanda Foster! #RHOBH

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Yolanda and Lisa_RHOBH

I lieu of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills blog this week, Lisa Rinna and her loose lips refer us to Bravo’s Daily Dish, where she furiously backpedals on those Munchausen allegations concerning Yolanda Foster. 

“I felt bad that I had engaged in that conversation because I have been supportive, and I am supportive of Yolanda… And I do believe that she is suffering from Lyme. And, I think that it’s complicated.”

Rinna goes on:

“I do think it’s really important when you’ve opened up about something that is — you know, this is a big thing. I need to say this to Yolanda — and I know this. I make an effort to reach out to Yolanda, to go and talk to her, so I can be open and honest about this.”

She gives us the barest hint of things to come:

“Yolanda and I go through some really interesting ups and downs and we have some real honest moments. I’m not afraid to go to Yolanda — even though I am — but it’s hard to go and face someone when maybe you haven’t said things that you feel good about. I don’t have a problem doing it, and I end up doing that. Yolanda and I talk back and forth, and we do have many moments that you’ll see play out.”

In the meantime, Lisa is spending the holidays with her family.

“I hope you all are enjoying a fabulous holiday full of peace and love. Ours has been a wonderful one as well, and I am currently still taking this time to spend with my loved ones.”

Do you think Yolanda will offer forgiveness? And was Rinna right to question Yolanda’s sickness?


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